According to the latest star news, accused adulterer HEIDI KLUM wants everyone to know that she did NOT cheat on SEAL.

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After her estranged husband hinted that he believed she had cheated on him with her bodyguard-whom she is reportedly now dating-long before they separated and filed for divorce, Heidi Klum decided to clear her name (sort of) by telling her friends that she absolutely didn’t sleep with her bodyguard while she was still with Seal.

TMZ reports:

Heidi told one close friend today her relationship with the bodyguard was “strictly professional” while she was with Seal… The friends tell us that since the split, Heidi says she has gotten “very close” to the bodyguard … who has helped her through the difficulties of ending a marriage. “

We have yet to actually hear from Heidi herself regarding her estranged husband’s accusation.

Whose side are you on?

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