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Kerry Washington created a beautiful avian oasis Monday night at the premiere of her new film, The Details.

The florescent beauty was the highlight of the red carpet in a bright bird print Mary Katranzou dress, black Christian Louboutin pumps and Neil Lane earrings.

A simple slicked back pony and Louboutin clutch completed her look.

U like?!?

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Britney Spears’ December 2012 Lucky Magazine cover has gotten tons of attention, but not necessarily the good kind.

A media firestorm has taken place after the publication debuted images of X Factor judge appearing on the cover wearing an ill-fitting blonde wig. Dressed in a black mesh top and red mini skirt, the 30-year-old appeared uneasy based on the shots from the photo shoot.

The magazine took note of the negative feedback and tweeted, “Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on our cover! As always, we will share with our team and we’re sorry to have let some of you down.”

Spears’ shoot is heavily photoshopped, with her skin smoothed out and her teeth appearing unnaturally white. The women’s magazine took major heat for altering most of the pop star’s natural beauty.

Aside from the Lucky debacle, Spears is also in the eye of another media storm: a defamation trial by the singer’s ex-manager Sam Lufti.

Lufti has made serious allegations against Spears and her father Jamie, saying they threatened to kill him when the pop star was in “crisis mode” and having panic attacks during her divorce from Kevin Federline.

britney spears buys $8.5 million mansion in los angeles

9 Photos What do you think of the magazine’s apology? Weigh in below.

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This article contains admiration of explicit old-fashioned survival horror.

The setting is now a clich , no? Abandoned mansions, towns cloaked in a dense fog and rural villages under the influence of an abominable cult – we know these settings well and take them for granted in today’s market of ‘over the shoulder horror’ pumped to the eye sockets with sprinting zombies and a Schwarzeneggeresque bias towards action. That is why, as millions tore off the cellophane wrapped packaging of Resident Evil 6 with itchy trigger fingers, I rejected the current crop of action horror and instead blew the dust off my old copy of the Resident Evil REmake, dimmed the lights in my bedroom and returned to the Spencer Mansion, one of the genre’s beautiful clich s.

You may be pausing for thought wondering why I chose to crack open the REmake rather than revisit the original. The answer is simple. The REmake took something, which was a good idea, unfortunately, mired with poor voice acting, (“Stop it! Don’t open that door!” Anyone?) and gave it a proper polish. The final result was a game with superb graphics for the time with a single purpose, to scare you silly. I remember my heart pounding as the tortured figure of Lisa Trevor appeared for the first time. This seemingly invulnerable monster is possibly one of the game’s finest characters and is truly a sight to bear rather than behold. As a character she is also reminiscent of Silent Hill 2’s also seemingly invulnerable Pyramid Head who haunts the game’s main character, James Sunderland, as he stumbles around Silent Hill, a lakeside town in America as well as the gruesome Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 who seemed to appear at the worst of times and came back again and again even when you thought it was dead. Alone these three characters (or monsters if you will) have more depth than any of the characters from today’s action horror games such as Left 4 Dead where no monster stayed with me once I completed the game, unlike the classics.

Another charm of the survival horror genre was that it knew its place; it knew what would terrify you, as you sat in your bedroom controller in hand. Abandoned towns, mansions and villages infested with ghosts, shuffling zombies and twisted mannequins were the chosen settings of yesteryear. Today we run and gun C-virus mutants in neon drenched cities. Undoubtedly the most striking and beautiful example of an abandoned setting is the lost village in Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly (aka Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly to our American cousins). The village is reminiscent of an 18th century rural Japanese village: with family crests on nearly every lock and kimono clad ghosts waiting in the rafters. The lost village is dripping with personality and rivals Silent Hill in terms of location. The village, like the town of Silent Hill, is as much a part of the story as twins Mayu and Miyu, the two main characters of the game, and almost by itself warrants another play-through upon completion.

Cults were not overtly common in the survival horror genre, but some of the games which made it out from Japan had some form of cult or ritual imbedded somewhere into their plot lines. For example, Project Zero, a little gem of a game by the name Forbidden Siren, made use of the occult and bizarre rituals to progress the plot further. Unlike series such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Project Zero (yes, there are more great examples, but how long do you want this article to be?), Forbidden Siren, received mixed reviews from critics and never got the sales figures it deserved. This is possibly in part due to the soul crushing difficulty and realism of the game where characters may survive a gunshot or two, but never three. This hard-line approach turned many gamers off. They did not want to have to struggle through a game and take their time, sometimes with no weapons. Instead preferring to be heavily armed and endowed with generous amounts of health those gamers would get their wish two years later with the release of Resident Evil 4.

While Resident Evil 4 gave a breath of fresh air to the genre, as it did away with sometimes-awkward camera angles and scarce ammo, it was Forbidden Siren, which took a more bold decision in response to the climate of then current survival horror and gave you the ability to see through the eyes of the enemy. This ability called sightjacking was an incredible tool if used correctly. It could help you locate enemies, see important plot items and plan routes in order to avoid the shibito, the games possessed monsters. Surprisingly, this ability did not detract from the horror, but in fact helped add to it, carefully plotting your movements was crucial and failure meant not only being seen, but probable death as a result. Giving the player more power without detracting from the horror aspect of the game was a fine achievement and was a feat not repeated by Resident Evil 4, which gave the player the ability to buy weapons and upgrade them to the point of ridiculous.

Horror games to me are creaking floorboards, psychological terror and a terrifying score such as the ones in the Silent Hill and Project Zero series. Unfortunately, today many of these series have fallen to the temptations of the market. Games like Silent Hill 5 and Resident Evil 6 at times tried to scare you, but the damage was already done. The step has been made and the classic survival horror may have had its day. Some may be glad of this, I mean after all we don’t have to follow the formula of start -locked door-find key-open door-beat boss-locked door-find key-open door-beat final boss-end and no longer do we have to suffer the clunky controls of Silent Hill 2 with its horrendous fighting system and dodgy camera angles, but that was what was charming about the genre. The aim was not to empower the player and, whether intentionally or not, they succeeded in scaring you as you tried to shoot an enemy, while frantically trying to aim your gun in the right direction.

So as Halloween dawns and my friends unload thousands of bullets into hordes of zombies in Resident Evil 6, I will return to the Spencer Mansion and walk slowly down the dusty hallways hoping that noise around the corner was only the sound of the wind against the widows.

According to recent celebrity news, CHORD OVERSTREET dressed up as BRAD PITT from his Chanel no.5 commercial.

Does he look just like him?

chord overstreet brad pitt1

Chord Overstreet showed up at a recent Halloween party as Brad Pitt from his previously spoofed and widely-criticized Chanel no.5 video ad.

The returning “Glee” star showed up at Matthew Morrison‘s annual bash last Sunday wearing a wig and a goatee to replicate Pitt‘s infamous look for his much talked about fragrance commercial.

Fortunately, Harry Shum, Jr. and Shay Mitchell shared photos of their co-star in his “costume”!

chord overstreet brad pitt2

Do you think Chord did Brad‘s look justice?

Photos Via Harry Shum Jr.’s Twitter / Shay Mitchell‘s Twitter

Momentum Pictures takes to the skies in the action-packed aerial adventure RED TAILS, from George Lucas the creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, released on Blu-Ray, DVD and to download from 29 October 2012.

We have three copies of the Blu-ray to give away to our readers.

Inspired by true events, RED TAILS is an awe-inspiring tale of overcoming challenges and fighting for what is right. Director Anthony Hemmingway (The Wire, True Blood), skillfully executes this thrilling and thought provoking film about the Tuskegee Airman to target our sympathy, pride and championing of the underdogs.

This tight-knit group of Tuskegee Airmen, known to other soldiers as the Red Tails, stars an impressive cast, Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr., (Jerry Maguire, Pearl Harbor), BET Award Winner Terrence Howard (Crash, Iron Man), Grammy Award winning artist Ne-Yo, BAFTA Award Winner David Oyelowo (The Last King of Scotland, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Teen Choice Award Nominee Tristan Wilds (The Wire, 90210), and Nate Parker (The Secret Life of Bees, Pride).

A brave group of African American Men, who beat the odds in the Tuskegee training program, are sent into combat in Italy. Supplied with out-dated, worn out aircrafts, doubted by the white military bureaucracy, and given seemingly meaningless missions, the group of African American fighter pilots overcome their odds and continually impress the high ranking white military with their astounding record. The Tuskegee airmen are finally tasked with the esteemed mission escorting the first American bombers to attack Berlin. As the men continually astonish and exceed the bureaucrat’s expectations, they begin gaining more respect among the USAAF, are awarded with new red tail painted aircrafts, as well as worthy missions.

For your chance to win, first like us on FacebookAlready a fan? You can skip this part.

… and then email with the e-mail header Red Tails along with your full name and address and that you are over the age of 15.

The KARDASHIAN sisters could be sued for allegedly stealing the name for their new makeup line, Khroma Beauty.


Kim Kourtney Khloe Kardashian Khroma Beauty Photos 005 780x555

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian will soon be launching their newest line of makeup called “Khroma Beauty” and it’s expected to be a hit. Unfortunately, they may have to change its brand name as it’s not original.

The co-owner for the luxurious beauty line called “Chroma Makeup” from Beverly Hills, Michael Rey, has gone forward and claimed the reality star sisters hijacked the name for their “cheap” cosmetics line.

Their problem? An expected confusion among the marketplace. TMZ explained:

Michael fears his high-end customers will run for other parts of the Hills … thinking their primo cosmetics are not so primo after all ….and they’ll be embarrassed to say they wear Chroma.”

Fearing the worst, Michael has reportedly hired a legal team and is expected to contact the Kardashians anytime soon, who will hopefully change their name. If they don’t, Michael says he’s prepared to take legal action against them.

For now, “Chroma Makeup” has made it clear that they are in no way affiliated with the “low-budget cosmetic products” the Kardashians are selling.

Photos Via Kim Kardashian‘s Celebuzz


Frankly, we’re impressed that he wanted to go out at all, never mind commit to a costume choice so fully!

But even a scary car accident couldn’t keep Diddy down for long, and despite sustaining injuries to his neck and collerbone just a few short days ago, the rapper still made his way to the Playboy Mansion’s annual Halloween party…dressed up as Prince, no less!

Ch-ch-check him out (above)!

ZOMG! We are so IN LOVE with this look!

Seriously – is it bad that we’re a little turned on looking at him in those pants?!


You do the Purple One PROUD, boy!

Here’s hoping you’re on a fast road to recovery from your boo-boos!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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Recent entertainment news tells us HALLE BERRY got scared by a giant spider on “ELLEN.”

Look who’s scaring people on her show again!

halle berry spider ellen

When Halle Berry went for a chat with Ellen DeGeneres on her show “Ellen” for the first time, the hilarious host didn’t exclude the “Cloud Atlas” star from her long list of scare victims, which famously includes the very scare prone Taylor Swift as well as the “Hotel Transylvania” voice star, Selena Gomez, among others.

You know how it goes-Ellen starts by talking about fear or coaxes her celeb guest into talking about what scares them the most, and then Ellen‘s crew (in full costume) would sneak up behind the guest and go in for the kill.

Now the engaged Halle made the mistake of telling DeGeneres that she recently discovered a colony of spiders at her home… but we’re not complaining!

She told Ellen in the middle of her giggles after the prank:

“That was so mean!”

Watch her get frightened below:

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green welcomed a baby boy on the 27th of September, which was confirmed by her spokesperson to MailOnline. Megan is a 26-year-old actress and it is her first child, with her husband. The Transformers star subsequently announce the news on September 27 to their fans on Facebook, talking about their ‘healthy, happy, and perfect little bundle of joy. Megan Fox and Brian Austin baby boy became the talk of the date after the announce.

The couple also stated that, they are deeply humbled by this opportunity of being real parents to their beautiful child and are very thankful to the almighty for granting them an opportunity to know such kind of boundless and perfect love. The couple also appreciated those who sent them well wishes and those who were still doing so. They were quoted saying May God bless our well wishers and their families abundantly.’

megan fox baby boy

Though this is the first child for the couple, Shannon has a 10-year-old son called Kassius from a prior relationship with actress Vanessa Marcil. Megan spoke about the joys of being a stepmother, especially the joy of raising her step son. She started living with Shannon, when his son was only two years old while she was18. She has taken care of Kassius since he was three which makes majority of people believe that, she will also make a perfect mother for her own son.

Megan as first reported as pregnant in April but she confirmed these allegations in June. It was also during this time in an interview with the Cosmopolitan magazine, she confesses about her mothering inclinations. She claimed that she wants at least two to three children. The couple first met back in 2004 while they were working on the sitcom “Hope & Faith”. They got engaged in 2006 but had a brief split in 2009, and later got engaged again few weeks before their wedding in June 2010 in Hawaii.

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