Recent entertainment news tells us HALLE BERRY got scared by a giant spider on “ELLEN.”

Look who’s scaring people on her show again!

halle berry spider ellen

When Halle Berry went for a chat with Ellen DeGeneres on her show “Ellen” for the first time, the hilarious host didn’t exclude the “Cloud Atlas” star from her long list of scare victims, which famously includes the very scare prone Taylor Swift as well as the “Hotel Transylvania” voice star, Selena Gomez, among others.

You know how it goes-Ellen starts by talking about fear or coaxes her celeb guest into talking about what scares them the most, and then Ellen‘s crew (in full costume) would sneak up behind the guest and go in for the kill.

Now the engaged Halle made the mistake of telling DeGeneres that she recently discovered a colony of spiders at her home… but we’re not complaining!

She told Ellen in the middle of her giggles after the prank:

“That was so mean!”

Watch her get frightened below:

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