On October 31st, Halloween which is also commonly known as All Hallows’ Eve is celebrated in a number of countries. The day is determined as the eve of the Western Christian feast in which all hallows that is saints take part. According to the views of many scholars this event was mainly influenced by the western European harvest festivals the Celtic Samhain in specific. Some other scholars believe that they may have different roots of origin. The typical Halloween celebration includes carving of pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, lighting beautiful bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, watching horror movies etc.

So this year the celebration was not an exception as the Hollywood celebrities were in full mood to get dressed up to enjoy this auspicious eve. At Jonathan Robb’s annual bash Miss Willoughby stood out from the rest of the crowd. She was looking frightening in her scary Halloween dress and makeup. She has been dressing up in a specific way whether she is presenting herself in front of the camera or attending a celebrity party. However with that outstanding presence Holly Willoughby couldn’t just let it loose and have complete fun wearing that outfit. Her famous TV face was completely altered in the party of Jonathan Ross on the Wednesday evening.

Thus she could be easily voted for flaunting the best celebrity Halloween costume of 2012. It is important to remember that Miss Willoughby’s costume is considered as the best celebrity Halloween costume of 2012 because it was very original and outstanding.

celebrity halloween costumes

The most important part or chapter of the Halloween costume parties has always been the concept and the idea of dressing up. Hollywood celebrities often have specific ideas about the way they want to dress up. They have plentiful resources to get the right type of dress and makeup, most of them focus on minute details. If the motive and the impulse behind the design are not so bright then the final and finished product is not going to be attractive even if the execution is brilliant. In the present day scenario normal people also have a lot of options to dress up uniquely during Halloween as there are a number of shops that provide custom made Halloween dresses.

According to the resources people have a pretty good knowledge about the best celebrity Halloween costumes and they follow the ways their favorite celebrities are dressed up.
Though Heidi Klum had to cancel her participation in the annual Halloween costume party this year due to the hurricane named Sandy in New York City, she had plenty of plans for the party regarding the creative celebrity costumes this year.

Some of the description of the 2012 best celebrity Halloween costumes are as follows:Kim Kardarshian attended the Midori costume bash on October 27 by dressing up as the blond mermaid in the film Splash.Jessica Simpson posted a family photo on her website on October 31 where she has a milkmaid costume.At the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Halloween party, Katy Perry was dressed up as the character of Jane from the MTV’s cartoon, Daria.