LINDSAY LOHAN wants everyone to know that she didn’t pursue MAX GEORGE… he pursued her!

Really now?

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Ever since her infamous club fight, which was allegedly caused by jealousy over Max‘s affections, Lindsay has been hanging out with The Wanted at their concerts, riding with them on their tour bus, and making out with Max

…making everyone think that she’s been stalking the band-or, more specifically, Max-and acting like a total groupie.

But according to the “Liz & Dick” star, it’s the other way around… the singer is the one who’s been pursuing her.

TMZ reports:

Lindsay‘s telling friends, Max pursued her from the beginning — flirting with her aggressively since that fateful night last week at the club Avenue in NYC… Lindsay also says Max is the one who invited her backstage at Jingle Ball in Philly this week … and he’s also the one who invited her to join The Wanted on their tour bus.”

The site continues:

Lindsay‘s happy to go with the flow — because she really likes Max and enjoys hooking up with him … even though she’s not looking for a serious relationship.”

Do you buy it?

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