What’s big, mean, nasty and wears a unitard? The World’s Strongest Man that’s what. Mark Henry rolled back onto RAW looking meaner than ever, taking apart Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in short (pun intended) order. Some of Henry’s thunder was lost though because of last week’s surprise return so it would have made more sense to have Henry return at the Royal Rumble, or maybe even Elimination Chamber PPV.

With Henry a former World Heavyweight Champion my concerns for Jack Swagger making it to Elimination Chamber have resurfaced. If Henry must destroy anyone then please make sure it’s Khali. He looked bigger than ever too!

Speaking of Swagger he squashed Santino in about 10 seconds. Nothing to get excited about but to be fair 6 months ago Santino would have won this one.

I wonder if WWE realises how insignificant it makes Antonio Cesaro look when they have zero build to his match with Ryback. It doesn’t matter that he lost what matters is how he comes across and in a throwaway contest with the former Skip Sheffield he’s portrayed as nothing more than a mid carder.

Daniel Bryan seems to be returning to his evil ways happily costing Kane a match against Sheamus. Hopefully he’ll go back to his hellish ways in time for a match at Wrestlemania against a top face. Chris Jericho maybe?

CM Punk’s opening promo was poor. Last week he was ranting and raging with good cause. This week he just seemed to be going off the deep end for the sake of it and was met with “boring” chants by the audience. At the minute I can’t see how he’s going to come out of his rematch with Rock looking strong. It’s perhaps time for the Best in the World to take a little time off once Wrestlemania is over. His match with Y2J was well worth sitting through the other drivel though. It’s been almost a year since these two last had a match so it felt really fresh.

It looks like my question from last week has been answered. I asked when The Shield would be booked in a match and the answer is at Elimination Chamber in a six man tag match against John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus. At present I can’t see how The Shield are winning this one. Having them lose is going to seriously damage them going into Wrestlemania so let’s hope WWE has a trick or two up their sleeves.

Paul Heyman showed up in Miz TV. He claimed to have no knowledge of Brock Lesnar’s presence last week in Vegas until he showed up and killed Vince McMahon. Heyman was great as always while Miz was his usual garbage self. I was so happy when Brock flattened him.

Don’t look now it’s Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett … again. Let’s skip to Alberto Del Rio squashing Cody Rhodes instead.

Unsurprisingly The Rock was a no show. It’s great to see he’s carrying himself like a true champ and is totally committed to being WWE champion.

After a strong week of excellent non wrestling segments in Vegas this week’s RAW just didn’t match up. Hopefully things will start to get moving very quickly very soon as we fast approach Elimination Chamber.

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