Hollywood news reports that LINDSAY LOHAN has lost her lawsuit against PITBULL over his “Give Me Everything” song, which she claimed had exploited her in its lyrics.

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You may remember that Lindsay Lohan slammed and sued Pitbull in 2011 for defaming her in his hit song, “Give Me Everything,” with the lyrics, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”

Unfortunately for the often-criticized actress, U.S. District judge Denis Hurley has ruled against her lawsuit that claimed the song allegedly violated her civil rights by using her name for commercial purposes without permission because it is protected by the First Amendment as a “work of art.”

Hurley also noted that the “isolated nature of the use of her name” deemed the claims weak. In addition to that, Lindsay’s attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, was sanctioned for reportedly plagiarizing in her court briefing.

The upside of everything was that Lindsay was spared from Pitbull‘s legal team’s request that she should be given a sanction for a “frivolous” lawsuit.

Do you think the decision was unfair or should Lindsay just suck it up?

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