Everybody likes a nice dollop of sex in their cinematic palette once in a while – hey, sex is what perpetuates civilisation. Sex can be very badly done in a film. Take Showgirls for example – I’m pretty sure Paul Verhoeven wanted to make an erotic film, but he ended up with a camp piece of trash that we all tittered at. And this was from the man who made X-rated erotic classic Turkish Delight – one of the randiest films I have ever watched.

I have presented in this list, films who are chiefly erotic in their style and intent. Many of them did indeed receive an X certificate back in the day and if that system of classification were still around, many of them would be branded X rated.

It is time for you to sit back, lower the lights and mellow out as I present to you 10 Decadent Delights to float your respective boats. All tastes have been covered for…

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