The casting of an established comic book character is of the utmost importance. Get it right and you win the admiration of comic fans around the world. Get it wrong and those same fans are not afraid to air their dissatisfaction.

With Marvel potentially looking to recast the little-known Damien Poitier, who briefly appeared mid-credits after The Avengers movie, the role of the Mad Titan Thanos in future Marvel Cinematic Universe movie offerings is there for the taking.

Additionally, the Man of Steel movie looks to be the start of DC’s attempt to build a movie continuity rivalling that of Marvel’s and will hopefully culminate in the formation of a big screen Justice League. If that is indeed the case, expect Darkseid to appear at some point – the boots of the Lord of Apokolips thus needing to be filled by a suitable actor.

The two villainous characters from rival comic book companies share some undeniable similarities – both being huge and physically imposing (with a formidable jawline), both being alien entities from distant planets, both possessing massive levels of physical and esoteric power and both being scourges of teams of superheroes (the Justice League in Darkseid’s case and the Avengers in the case of Thanos).

So it will require a certain kind of actor to play them. The actor will need to be physically imposing and should probably have a booming voice (nonetheless, I’m ruling out Brian Blessed here and now!), although CGI and sound effects could alter either of those if they are lacking. I don’t necessarily think a star name is required. It might help, but casting an A-lister for the sake of it would be unnecessary.

With that in mind, here are 5 actors – some well-know, some not so much – who could pull off the roles of both Darkseid and Thanos, if given the opportunity…

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