Sean Lowe has got just three ladies left on his TV quest for love.

And while in Thailand with Ashlee, Lindsay and Catherine on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, he’ll have to let one of the women go. Which may prove to be a very tough decision, if the previews are any indication and because the three ladies are so different from one another.

Lindsay (the one who showed up in the wedding dress):
The 24-year-old substitute teacher (with the Army general dad) from North Carolina is “sweet, supportive … someone I could picture marrying,” Sean tells PEOPLE.

AshLee (the serious one with the emotional adoption story):
“I can tell she will be a wonderful mother,” says Sean of the personal organizer from Houston. “She truly has a heart where she just wants to love a man.”

Catherine (the one with the sisters who think she isn’t ready to settle down):
The Seattle native and graphic designer, 26, “fits the best friend mold,” says Sean. “We have fun together, can be passionate at times and she’s also very intellectual.”

So who’s going to leave Thailand in tears? AshLee has been considered a frontrunner for several weeks now, but The Bachelor franchise is famous for its end-of-season curve balls, so perhaps she’s the overly obvious choice. Catherine, meanwhile, strikes us as the dark horse, but that could just be the way the show’s been edited. And Lindsay … well, could the girl who shows up on night one in bridal wear really make it to the end?

(P.S. Please don’t post finale spoilers in the comments for those readers who like to be surprised!)