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Is Miley Cyrus headed to Broadway? Not quite… But apparently she’s covering one of musical theater’s most iconic ballads, “On My Own” from Les Mis rables.

A leaked clip featuring an acoustic recording of the legendary song hit YouTube on Sunday, and the singer is supposedly Ms. Miley herself.

The stripped-down version is quite a departure from the 20-year-old’s current sound. This isn’t exactly the kind of song you would want to twerk to. Take a listen, below:

Sounds like Miley, doesn’t it? You can even hear a bit of that old school country twang in there. If ponine were supposed to be from Nashville, it would totally work.

“On My Own” is one song that’s been covered time and time again.

Samantha Barks did the hard-to-sing tune justice in Tom Hooper’s 2012 adaptation of Les Mis rables:

And back on the first season of Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes AKA Joey Potter belted out meekly chirped her rendition on the amazing Beauty Contest episode. This version is- well, just watch for yourself:

How do you think the maybe-Miley version stacks up? Do you think the recording sounds like Cyrus?

Evan Rachel Wood and Husband Jamie Bell welcome baby boy

Evan Rachel Wood has given girl to a baby boy, E! News reports.

“Evan Rachel Wood and her husband Jamie Bell are parents to a beautiful boy. Parents and baby are all doing well,” a rep for the actress confirmed to E! News on Monday.

The 25-year-old Mildred Pierce star and husband, British actor Jamie Bell, were married last year. The pair announced they were expecting in January.

Evan recently tweeted:

How can you be so excited to see someone you have never even met? #preggers

– Evan Rachel Wood (@evanrachelwood) July 6, 2013

Aww. Congrats to Evan and Jamie!

Justin Timberlake‘s new music video has arrived.

“Take Back The Night” drops the singer in a nocturnal New York City: owning the stage at Yankee Stadium, cruising through the city in a 1970 Chevelle SS, and dancing in the heart of Chinatown (sometimes, with a smooth-moving little boy).

Then he heads into Apotheke, an apothecary-themed, speakeasy-style cocktail bar on Chinatown’s storied Doyers Street, where he grooves at the center of the crowded dance floor. In the end, he hops in his ride and drives off into the dark.

Directed by Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craen and Darren Craig, the clip debuted Tuesday after fans tweeted their hearts out in an interactive Twitter-driven campaign on Timberlake’s custom site. As the total number of tweets with the hashtag #TakeBackTN rose, behind-the-scenes bits about the shoot were unlocked, eventually building to the release of the “Take Back The Night” music video.

Watch JT do his thing, above.

Today we’re spilling on-the-set secrets from your favorite, most terrifying horror movie moments of all time. Which of these movies would you NEVER watch alone in the dark?

Lindsay Lohan is free.

After completing three months of court-mandated rehab, the actress left Cliffside Malibu treatment center with a smile on Tuesday.

Lohan, 27, originally checked into the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., on May 2, as part of a plea deal after she allegedly lied to police in connection to her California car crash last June, violating her earlier probation. But about halfway through her 90-day stint, Lohan switched to Cliffside Malibu, a facility said to be better fit for longer-term treatment.

Now Lohan is primed for a career comeback. Her upcoming movie, the Paul Schrader-directed indie drama The Canyons co-starring adult film actor James Deen, opens on Friday (on iTunes and video on demand). It is also slated to screen at this year’s Venice Film Festival, which will kick off August 28.

But before then, Lohan will hit the small screen. She is set to take over E!’s Chelsea Lately on Monday, replacing host Chelsea Handler to interact with Handler’s sidekick, Chuy, and interview celebrity guests in what the network boasts to be an “all star event.”

Lohan will also sit down for her first post-rehab interview with Oprah Winfrey, set to tape and air on Aug. 18. Following the one-on-one, Winfrey’s network, OWN, will produce an eight-episode docu-series following Lohan as she works to rebuild her post-rehab career. The series will premiere in 2014.

Want to learn how to live a lie?

Yes? Well, so does Hanna (Ashley Benson) on Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. By now, you’d probably think Hanna and the other Liars would be old pros at fibbing, but think again. There is much to be taught and who better to teach her than her former BFF and “A” team member, Mona (Janel Parrish)?

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Tuesday night’s episode of PLL, “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook.”

Guilty girls need plans so when Hanna developed a plan to confess to Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) murder to save her mom from the depths of state prison, she turned to the only ally she knew would be able to help her pull it off – Mona.

That scary genius put on her best detective face and grilled Hanna all episode to prep her for her big scene, only to take one for the team and confess to the murder herself.

Yes, Mona CONFESSED to killing Wilden.

As for if she did it, that’s doubtful. But whether it was an act of friendship or insanity, I’m pretty sure the duplicitous girl has something spectacular up her sleeve as a result of it.

Presumably, she’ll use the details she had coached Hanna on – it was self defense; he was threatening her because she was telling people he got Allison pregnant and may have killed her; she threw the shoes away and Hanna’s mom had touched the bullets because her Dad has had the gun for a while. Only time will tell what tall tale she conjures up.

Meanwhile, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) played the protective boyfriend card and visited Ashley (Laura Leighton) in jail out of concern for Hanna. He also informed Spencer (Troian Bellisario) that the phone number they got from Nigel, aka Jenna’s funeral date, is connected to three people and three different addresses, sending Toby (Keegan Allen) on a hunt to New York.

Spencer also found out some more information about the mystery surrounding Toby’s mother’s death and Wilden’s possible involvement.

As for the other Liars – Aria (Lucy Hale) spent the episode worrying about her shady brother, Mike (Cody Christian) and watching promos for Insidious 2 with Jake (Ryan Guzman) while Emily (Shay Mitchell) and her mom dealt with the fact a car just drove through their house.

Buzz Moments

OMG: This one is obvious – MONA’S CONFESSION.

Thank you, TV gods.: For Janel Parrish’s great acting. She plays devious so wonderfully.

Awk-ward: The awkward but awesome product placement for Insidious 2. I mean really, I get it, but was it just me or did it look like they threw a commercial into the middle of the episode?

Hotness: Jake is back and that is all that matters. For Aria, I mean.

Fab-u-lous: Guest star, Rumer Willis was rocking a very cute green button down during her character’s meeting with Emily. Lucky for us, it’s from Urban Outfitters and inexpensive. Get more info on PLL fashion from

Can. Not. Wait.: To see what Mona’s next step is. As the girl who was “A” for multiple seasons, I’m sure it’s going to be a good one.

Celebuzz (1-10): 7. It seems PLL is always packing the punch in at the last second, e. g. the car crash on the last episode, Mona’s confession on this episode. I want more action throughout.

Do you think Mona killed Wilden? Who do you think the real culprit is? Is the beginning of the end for Hanna and Caleb? Sound off in the comments below!


It seems impossible. Or at the very least, a terrible, terrible idea that would result in catastrophic, possibly world ending consequences. Because for the most part, Star Wars Fans and Trekkers hate each other. So a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover could conceivably lead to four possible outcomes.

1. The implosion of the universe.

2. Worldwide riots involving a West Side Story-esque rumble where the two sides are armed with Lightsabers and Bat’leths.

3. Content that is worse than the Star Wars prequels and Star Trek: Generations combined.

4. Something totally, utterly, mind-blowingly awesome.

Regardless of the result, where would you even begin? Star Wars takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away and Star Trek takes place centuries in the future. So before you can answer the question of “Should they do this?” you first have to figure out “How would they do this?”

Fortunately, both universes feature an abundance of incredibly dumb plot devices that make little to no sense whatsoever outside of driving a narrative. That’s the beauty of Science Fiction, you can explain pretty much anything with one simple word: Because!

We’re going to have to push the bounds of both science and magic to to boldly go to a galaxy far, far away. This isn’t won’t be your run-of-the-mill suspension of disbelief, it will be an in-school suspension of disbelief, with no doodling, dilly-dallying allowed, and minimal bathroom breaks for disbelief.

Now, is your disbelief under supervision in a combination desk/chair? Excellent. Begin.

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Following the tragic passing of Cory Monteith, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that his character in Glee, Finn Hudson, is to be killed off. It has yet to be disclosed how, all that has been revealed is that Finn will be killed off in the third episode of the show’s upcoming fifth season and that the episode, in one way or another, will highlight the circumstances surrounding Cory’s death. The show will then take an extended hiatus before returning for the rest of its fifth season.

Not even the writers are aware of how exactly they will move forward without Cory, given the admission that the show will go on hiatus. But here’s a list of possible routes the show could take. Some are more likely than others, but with a show as unpredictable as Glee, anything could happen.

4. Eliminate McKinley

glee_404_performance_the_scientist_tagged_640x360_1739331512 (1)

Finn’s main storyline from season four saw him replace Will Schuester as tutor for the Glee club. The results were less than great, with the club originally losing Sectionals and only making it through to Regionals by default. One weird, unexplained kiss with Emma and a questionable boy band mash up later and Finn’s decided that he wants to become a teacher. We last saw him at college with Puck slip and sliding down the hallways.

But let’s be real for a second, Finn was our only reason to care for the new batch of Glee Clubbers. Will’s been redundant since mid-season one, Sue is only in for a quick one liner and then she saunters off with her mega phone, the rest of the original cast left behind are taking a back seat and an appearance by either Beiste or Emma are as rare as an Artie solo. Nothing works.

It’s not their fault. It’s not like they’re bad singers or actors. It’s the writers fault. These newbies have no character to them whatsoever. Ironically, it’s all about the incredibly thin plot with regards to the McKinley universe. Without Finn, these characters will fade into an even deeper obscurity.

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Arkham Origins is one of this year’s most highly anticipated games and, from the many trailers and videos of gameplay footage that we’ve seen, it seems like this title won’t disappoint. Any game with the Arkham name in it (even a prequel for that matter) has high expectations to live up to and must strive to push the envelope when it comes to story and gameplay.

The single-player mode plays near identical to Arkham City (it even reuses some of the map) and left a few gamers with a feeling of deja vu. Although it’s not necessarily a bad thing for a game to be an exact copy of its predecessor (see Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood), it’s not exactly great either.

This game isn’t being produced by Rocksteady like the previous two, so Warner Brothers Games needed to impress us with something new and unheard of, and that’s exactly what they did.

Batman: Arkham Origins’ multiplayer mode will consist of eight players and separate them into three teams. Two of those three teams will be led by characters from Batman’s rogues gallery while the third team will be made up of only two players who will take control of the dynamic duo themselves. The Joker and Bane gangs work against each other to seize and hold a command post that is placed in the center of any given map. From here on out the dynamic of the two groups works similar to that of rush in Battlefield 3.

Every kill that the team defending the post makes will take away from the other teams ‘tickets’ or number of respawn points. Once one of the two teams loses all of their tickets, the game is over and that team, of course, loses. However, there can be a different outcome. Players who are chosen to play as Batman and Robin can win the match by filling up their ‘fear meter’. Which is really nothing more than a count of how many takedowns the two make throughout the match. Once the meter is full, Joker and Bane will call off their attacks and the match will end.

Take a look at the official multiplayer trailer here..

If the description and the trailer weren’t enough to convince you on Arkham Origins’ newly announced multiplayer mode, then here are five more reasons to be excited for it.

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Recently in WWE we have seen many superstars change their image and name. Joe Hennig went from Michael McGillicutty to Curtis Axel in order to save his career, Ryan Reeves went from Skip Sheffield to Ryback and has gained more recognition since even main eventing Extreme Rules against John Cena for the WWE Championship.

More recently we have seen Windham Rotunda change his name from Husky Harris to Bray Wyatt, although this has been a huge positive and lift for Wyatt’s career there has been chants of ‘Husky Harris’ through the arena most notably on his debut.

In this article I’m going to look at the history of name changing in the WWE and bring to you the superstars who have altered their persona for success.

5. Isaac Yankem DDS Became Kane

yankem kane

Kane’s real name is Glen Jacobs and when he came to the WWE Vince Mcmahon originally gave him the role of Jerry Lawler’s dentist. The Dentist’s name was Isaac Yankem and he took pleasure in hurting his patients. Isaac was thrown into the long lasting Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler feud so this meant he was thrown into an upper card situation.

Although showing signs of ring ability and promo skills, the dentist gimmick didn’t really catch on after his matches with Bret Hart. Yankem became a jobber to the likes of Marc Mero, Ahmed Johnson and Bob Holly. The dentist gimmick soon fizzled out and the future Kane was re introduced as fake Diesel, however his impression of Diesel was very poor and his gimmick didn’t catch on.

Kane debuted in the first ever Hell in a Cell match, costing his brother the match against Shawn Michaels. As Undertaker’s brother, the character was instantly a hit, Kane took part in a big feud against Undertaker and was involved in his first Wrestlemania match against the phenom at Wrestlemania 14, Kane also won the WWE title for a very short time in 1998.

Since his breakthrough start Kane has been a permanent fixture in the WWE, he has won an impressive 10 tag titles with a mixture of partners such as Rob Van Dam, Big Show, Mankind, X-Pac, Undertaker, Hurricane and Daniel Bryan. He has won the World Heavyweight title, ECW heavyweight title , Intercontinental and Hardcore Championships, he is also a Royal Rumble specialist. Kane has been in the WWE for sixteen years and has even starred in his own WWE film See no evil. Kane is still as the top his game currently feuding with new talents the Wyatt Family.

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