It seems impossible. Or at the very least, a terrible, terrible idea that would result in catastrophic, possibly world ending consequences. Because for the most part, Star Wars Fans and Trekkers hate each other. So a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover could conceivably lead to four possible outcomes.

1. The implosion of the universe.

2. Worldwide riots involving a West Side Story-esque rumble where the two sides are armed with Lightsabers and Bat’leths.

3. Content that is worse than the Star Wars prequels and Star Trek: Generations combined.

4. Something totally, utterly, mind-blowingly awesome.

Regardless of the result, where would you even begin? Star Wars takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away and Star Trek takes place centuries in the future. So before you can answer the question of “Should they do this?” you first have to figure out “How would they do this?”

Fortunately, both universes feature an abundance of incredibly dumb plot devices that make little to no sense whatsoever outside of driving a narrative. That’s the beauty of Science Fiction, you can explain pretty much anything with one simple word: Because!

We’re going to have to push the bounds of both science and magic to to boldly go to a galaxy far, far away. This isn’t won’t be your run-of-the-mill suspension of disbelief, it will be an in-school suspension of disbelief, with no doodling, dilly-dallying allowed, and minimal bathroom breaks for disbelief.

Now, is your disbelief under supervision in a combination desk/chair? Excellent. Begin.

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