The crowd at Disney’s annual D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif. were in for quite the treat on Saturday, as Angelina Jolie made a surprise visit, all in the name of Maleficent.

The 38-year-old actress’s appearance included a quick chat with the crowd as well as new footage from the film.

“Since I was a little girl, Maleficent was always my favorite,” Jolie said at the event. “I was terrified of her, but I was so drawn to her. I wanted to know more about her, know what she was like and who she was . . . she had this elegance and grace, and yet she was so cruel, just wonderfully and deliciously cruel.” [via Entertainment Weekly]

The Oscar-winning actress also revealed how her daughter Vivienne scored a small role in the live-action film.

“She was the only 4-year-old who wouldn’t scream,” Jolie said, after explaining how other children visiting the set would always “scream and run off” upon seeing her in costume as the villain.

Little Vivienne plays a young Princess Aurora while Elle Fanning portrays the teenage version.

Maleficent is slated for a July 2014 release.

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[Lead photo courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage]