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It’s now less than three months until Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary and, more importantly, the 50th Anniversary Special. As well as some Whovians most likely planning a nerdrage-powered revolution thanks to the continued absence of a trailer, anticipation for the Anniversary Special is at an all time high. Especially with the recent leak of a grainy image from the episode that shows the John Hurt, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors together.

Although the Special looks to be in safe hands with Steven Moffat writing it and Nick Hurran (The Girl Who Waited, Asylum Of The Daleks) directing it, there’s still a possibility that there could be some elements in the episode that will either drag down its quality outright or that won’t suit such a huge milestone in Doctor Who history. These are five things we don’t want to see in the 50th Anniversary Special…

5. Too Much Focus On The Time War

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Daleks

Although it’s not been officially confirmed yet, all the evidence we have points to the Anniversary Special showing at least part of the Time War. The only official image we have so far is of a group of Daleks in a rubble-strewn battleground, so it’s likely that the John Hurt Doctor was the Doctor who ended the Time War. It’s been a prominent theme in the programme since 2005, and finally, it’s an event of astounding importance that we’ve only ever seen snippets of.

So if the Time War is a part of the Anniversary Special, it can potentially work well, but only if it’s used as a set-up for the Hurt Doctor or another plotline. The Anniversary Special should be an original story that expands and celebrates the Doctor Who mythos rather than something that just goes back and fills in the gaps from eight years ago.

The Eighth and Hurt Doctors’ Regenerations should be shown and if the episode restores the Time Lords, so much the better. But since the Time War is a concept that only became an established part of the Doctor Who canon in 2005, it shouldn’t have too much of a bearing on a one-off episode that pays tribute to fifty years of the programme.

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