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Let’s get one thing straight right here at the beginning. This is going to be a totally badass, consequence-free psychopath of an article. All of you that have a faint heart or something like that (I dunno, I don’t speak nancy) should close the browser and go sit in the corner. There will be blood, guts and dismemberment and we’re not ashamed of it.

On a serious note, any real gamer knows that violence is just a necessary byproduct of a thriving industry. The games are designed to make you feel like a hero (in most cases). What better way to achieve this than giving you a shiny sword and sending you on a crash course against all manners of obstacles. The most basic obstacle is, arguably, that dumbass goblin that tries to poke you in the eye with a sharpened stick. Games are giving us an alternate reality where we can actually change the world with little to no effort. So, let’s embrace the idea.

Also, the disclaimer ends here. Continue reading at your own risk.

9. Prototype – Everything

Rsz Prototype 11

“Oh, let me get that mosquito off your shoulder.”

If you have never played Prototype, I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s as if someone created a sandbox (pun totally intended) where you can murder everything that moves. Imagine the following. You’re walking down the road, killing zombies and minding your own business. Suddenly, a wild black ops unit appears and attacks you. Sure, you can pick up a gun and return fire if you’re into the boring stuff. But you could also turn your right arm in a mutated whip and crash some random helicopter on the military guys. Or simply beat them all into a bloody pulp.

While this game might lack storyline and character depth, it delivers twice the promised amounts of violence. There isn’t any particular kill that’s inventive here, but the fact that Alex Mercer himself is a transmutating weapon at your disposal. The Blacklight virus combined with a vast sandbox city allows us to approach any conflict intelligently. After that, we can block the intelligent part and just murder-punch everybody. There’s no similar game that lets you roam the game world and just do what you like without any repercussions. In Prototype, there’s no guilt, there’s no consequences and there’s no lack of blood.

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