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It was a piece of sheer class from in form Cardiff man Jordon Mutch that proved to be the difference between the sides at Craven Cottage on what proved to be a frustrating autumn afternoon for the Fulham faithful.

Mutch’s goal, struck deep in to added time at the end of the second half, stunned the cottage as Cardiff seized all three points to the delight of their travelling fans and the dismay of under fire Fulham boss Martin Jol.

As the boos echoed once more at the end of the ninety minutes at Craven Cottage, the Dutchman cut an isolated figure as he pondered his future, head in hands within the Fulham dugout.

The early encounters saw Fulham attempt to force Cardiff to play the predominant amount of their football in their own half but they were unable to provide any tangible assistance to strikers Darren Bent and Dimitar Berbatov who were both peripheral figures throughout the afternoon.

When Steven Caulker rose powerfully to nod home the opener on twelve minutes, it was slightly against the run of play. Cardiff went on to become the more dynamic of the two sides, however, and were a constant threat to the Fulham goal in the face of some hapless defending.

Despite Giorgos Karagounis forcing in-form Cardiff keeper David Marshall into a superb diving save on 28 minutes, it was Cardiff that continued to look the most likely to add another goal as both Fraiser Campbell and Aron Gunnarsson went close around the half hour mark.

Ruiz’s brilliant goal on the stroke of half time gave hope to the Fulham crowd, but it was Cardiff who kept pushing on and it came as no surprise that it was them that took all three points through young Mutch’s stunning effort that sent the Cardiff fans in to dreamland.

His 94th minute effort consigned Jol’s Fulham team to their fourth defeat in six league games this year and means they remain in the bottom three.

Cardiff on the other hand, rise to 11th, leapfrogging champions Manchester United in the process.

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Breaking Bad Logo1

How do you end the greatest show on television?

It’s a question that Vince Gilligan and his writing team have surely spent many sleepless nights pondering. By the creator’s own comments, we know this isn’t a case of “I knew how it would end back when we started.” Rather, he’s let the natural flow of the writing and the acting guide the series along a fluid path, ever-evolving along with the arc of Walter White. It’s what keeps the show so fresh and interesting.

When that fatal bullet was fired into Hank’s head last week, it felt as horrifyingly spontaneous as though Gilligan had thought it up the second before the shot. But we knew it needed to happen. In order for Walt to wind up alone, there had to be a trigger. Indeed the trigger of a gun tore his family away.

Now, with months of solitude behind him and a true purpose reinvigorated within Walt, the stage is set for the end game, and the question remains: what will be the ultimate fate of Walter White?

Walter White’s end has to be final and conclusive, but whether that means he’ll die remains to be seen. However, a death certainly seems the most likely outcome, but Gilligan tends to surprise us. And if Walt does die, there are several likely candidates for the trigger man (or woman).

To whet your appetite for the final episode, here are my theories for the 5 most likely ways Walter White’s story will come to an end. They’re mostly out of order, but number 5 is my highest bet…

Click “next” to begin…

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Aj Styles

As of right now, TNA is in a period of disarray. Wrestlers, including big time stars like Rob Van Dam and Mr Anderson, are going by the wayside, and plans of introducing Bellator’s MMA stars to the program backfired massively when Bellator took them off the show.

And now, more and more TNA wrestlers are being linked with a jump to the big dogs in the yard. Hulk Hogan is just one of many rumoured to be signing for the WWE in the near future. One in particular has been speculated about ever since details of his expiring contract broke on the internet…AJ Styles.

AJ Styles, as far as I’m concerned, is Mr. TNA. Since day one, he’s been with the company and his career has been like a massive yoyo. Constantly, AJ has been in and out of the main event picture at the company in the Asylum, the Impact Zone and during the Hogan era. But now, as he’s set to main event the biggest pay-per-view of the year for TNA, reports say AJ might not even be at TNA for much longer.

Now, you can hardly believe many wrestling rumours anymore, as last Thursday on Impact Wrestling demonstrated. While everyone believed that AJ had signed a new contract to keep him on TNA for a little while longer, AJ admitted to the world that he didn’t even have a contract at TNA as of now.

Of course, AJ may have been telling a porky just to hype up his current storyline with Dixie Carter, but we can’t jump to any conclusions as to whether he’s leaving TNA or if he’s WWE-bound, or if WWE even want him. But we can ask ourselves this…what if he did decide to join WWE?

What if Triple H said to himself, “Alright, let’s give AJ a call.”? Triple H has suddenly become one to take risks on wrestlers. While some of his risky signings have proved to be little good to WWE, like Kharma and Sin Cara, AJ could be a real game changer.

One thing I noticed on WWE programming, especially this Monday when the faces of the WWE faced The Shield in an 11 on 3 handicap match, is that WWE are really lacking in top faces at the moment. A lot of the faces at the moment have only just turned face in the last year or so, and they haven’t had enough time for the audience to appreciate their role as good guys.

Having AJ come in the WWE as a face would get him over much faster than if he debuted as a heel. AJ has the in-ring capabilities that will get fans’ jaws dropping with the high-risk action and a bundle of charisma. That and with the over-ness he’s already got with hardcore and Internet wrestling fans would make him one of the top superstars in a short amount of time.

But how would he debut in WWE if he were to join tomorrow? I mean, do they wait a couple of months, giving him hype promos before throwing him into the coliseum? Or does he come out as a big surprise at the end of RAW or something?

aj styles

Think, the main storyline right now is the Corporation with Triple H and Randy Orton. Now, the likelihood of him joining that little Corporation would be quite low, so how about he joins without any affiliation? Right now, he’s a lone wolf in TNA, so why not do the same for him in WWE? Not with his “Dark AJ” gimmick, mind – I mean letting him be his phenomenal self. Have him come out, interrupting a Triple H promo saying something like this.

“You know, I’ve been watching the product as of late. I’ve been on the outside looking in, and there’s two groups in this game right now that disgust the hell out of me. There’s this new regime that’s nothing more than a rehash of the Corporation from the Attitude Era, and then there’s “superstars” in the back crying and complaining about being held back by the likes of the mighty Triple H. Well Hunter, I’m not one of those guys and I sure as hell will not be going to play the corporate janitor role again in another company.

What I’m here to do is to change in the game in WWE and I’m not going to do it by spouting out a couple of cute catchphrases or berate the company while sitting up on the ramp. I’m going to do it by being phenomenal. I don’t care if I’m going to start at the bottom and work my way to the top, I don’t care if I have to wrestle on Superstars each and every week.

I’m going to show everyone what being phenomenal is all about and that the only person you can trust in this industry is yourself. Because now I’m in the WWE, I plan on winning every title there is to win. I’ll beat every champion that’s put in front of me, and I’ll show that I don’t need the backing of a group to make it in the WWE. I’ll do it by being the best at this job.”

Now, I’m sure AJ would think of a better speech than the one I just mocked up, but it’s a good way to show AJ off as just doing his own thing and not siding with a team, not joining the locker room revolt or the regime.

He’s just going to show how good he is in the ring and soon enough WWE should have him win the Intercontinental Title. Someone like AJ would bring major prestige to that belt, and the Intercontinental title, as far as I’m concerned, is the ultimate ticket to success in the WWE. Randy Orton, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H. It’s happened to all of them and it’d happen to AJ.

I don’t know where AJ’s future lies right now, but if AJ did jump to the WWE, it would be a surreal moment. He’s been a part of TNA for over a decade and to see one of the guys that put the WWE’s top rivals on the map jump ship to the WWE would definitely “put butts in seats.”

Hey, and AJ’s got plenty of great opponents that he could be put up against – Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Chris Jericho and so on. AJ could be a huge star in WWE if Triple H realises that AJ is “right for business.”

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(from l-r) Dom Howard, Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme

(from l-r) Dom Howard, Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme

Formed in 1994 in sleepy Teignmouth, Devon, Muse are now one of the most popular and energetic bands on the modern music scene, with six albums released, numerous awards won and hundreds of live shows which wow the watcher to the last moment. Some have claimed that Matt Bellamy, the charismatic lead singer and guitarist of the trio, is the ‘Hendrix of his generation’.

But others, including this writer, claim something else – that Muse are more akin to a modern version of legendary rock group Queen, who have disappeared from the major music industry since the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991.

Even Brian May, the former guitarist of Queen, has claimed that Muse are very similar to the his own former band. Some people may ask why, but there a lot of reasons why Muse are a modern version of Queen, molded and former to create one of the most exciting and energetic acts in the world today – just like Queen where all those years ago.

5. Musical Influences

Both bands have claimed similar, if not exact, influences on their work - including classical works.

Both bands have claimed similar, if not exact, influences on their work – including classical works.

It is obvious that not only is one bands influenced by another, but also both by classical music from the 18th and 19th centuries. The styles of writing, composition and performance, particularly on albums such as ‘The Resistance’ from Muse and ‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen share a similar feeling and theme – the operatic, dramatic section in Bohemian Rhapsody springs to mind, and the 13-minute epic ‘Exogenesis’ at the end of the Resistance, all show the same sort of classical, more elaborate sense of musical production that both bands are famed for.

In particular, Matt Bellamy has claimed in numerous interviews that he enjoys studying, and to an extent copying, composers like Chopin in the style of his performance. He said in an interview with Yahoo! Music in 2009:

“I’ve always been quite into classical music and film music and that kind of stuff, and I’m always looking for ways to incorporate that into a rock band into what we do as a three-piece”

Freddie Mercury was a lot less open about his influences, but despite wanting to keep up with the times and arrange music which suited the audience, he wrote complex structures, and elegant chords which would not of been out of place in the music halls and concerts of the 19th century.

This is what makes both bands unique and interesting to listen to, in that influences as old and complex as these can be successfully engineered by all members of the bands to create sounds which are both comfortable in the modern eras and very hard to replicate.

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Soundsticks Iii

Do you suffer from a lack of exceptional audio in your life? If so, we have the perfect solution.

We’ve teamed up with eBuyer, one of the UK’s leading online electrical retailers, to give one lucky reader the chance to win a beautifully designed Harman Kardon SoundSticks III speaker system from their impressive speakers range. Evolved from the hugely praised original SoundSticks, which was lauded for its bold design, the new SoundSticks III takes that perfection to a whole new level, with incredible sound matching its brilliant look.

The system boasts a 6-inch, 20-watt downward-firing powered subwoofer, eight 1-inch full-range transducers, plug-and-play compatibility with virtually any multimedia device and a stunning industrial design that will make it a talking point in any tech-geek’s room.

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Paulgiamatti Ladyinthewater

There are lots of reasons why actors take on certain movie roles. Some simply enjoy the script, welcome the challenge, or don’t want to pass up the opportunity to work with a specific director or actor. Others choose their roles based on how far the filming location is from their home or how the schedule fits around other projects. Or perhaps their agent told them to do it. And, then, of course, there’s always the greatest incentive of all: money.

But despite this sometimes complicated formula, actors make mistakes. They pick movies they shouldn’t have. Sometimes we understand. Maybe it was something they did prior to being famous, and just took the role to pay the bills or because they have nothing better on the table at the time. Big blockbusters are typically cast long before all the details are worked out – maybe George Clooney didn’t even see the script before Batman & Robin (please say he didn’t).

Occasionally, though, an actor will accept a movie role so ludicrous that there really is no excuse. You know the type: you see the trailer and instantly assume it’s fake. After all, no one would make that movie, right? Apparently not. Here at 10 instances of actors who appeared in movies that were seriously beneath them…

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Sting E

With part 5 of my series (I’m now counting my article on Michael Cole as part 1, which you can read here) in which I discuss what I feel is wrong with professional wrestling today, I am expecting quite the backlash considering the topic I am about to discuss. However, before you send the goon squad out to get me, please remember that as with the others articles that mention Triple H, Jeff Hardy and Michael Cole, I am honestly attempting not to be a “smark” in any sense of the word.

I make my position quite clear as to my feelings about these performers in my opening statements, but unlike smarks, I present evidence to back up my conclusions as to why I feel these people are not what is “best for business.”

I am not presenting you my personal reasons as to why I think they suck, but why from a business standpoint, from every angle, having them in positions of power is detrimental to pro wrestling in its entirety, regardless of what company they work for. I am more than willing to be proven wrong, in fact I welcome it, for when it comes to wrestling, I am usually right most of the time, but unfortunately it is often things that I do not want to be right about.

I hope that makes sense and does not come off as pretentious. All I ask is to keep an open mind and look at the points I make subjectively, although I have now got a bulletproof vest on just in case.

Click “Next” as I begin to ask the question – is Sting iconic or ironic?

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When a warrior enters the battleground, sometimes they fight for honor, they fight for love, or the fight for family. This week’s Raw had a all three of these in spades. WWE had quite quite a lot to tackle from their fight against cancer with Susan G Komen, battling strong television competition and the war for your almighty dollar this Sunday. Were they victorious? Or should they be waving the white flag?

The night begins as CM Punk comes to the ring talking about the beating he received last week. Punk said he should’ve seen it coming getting beaten up in his hometown. This Straight Edge Superstar once again breaking the fourth wall saying that the fans all know how the story ends with him getting his hands on Heyman. Punk says he doesn’t want to wait any more, it doesn’t matter if it’s Curtis Axel Ryback or Heyman he wants to fight. Raw General Manager Brad Maddox comes out and says that CM Punk won’t fight Ryback till this Sunday but he will have a match on the show. Out comes, Big E Langston, who challenges Punk to a fight.

The match itself was great for getting the idea over that Punk can beat the big man Ryback this Sunday. They gave Langston some offense, it makes you wonder what the future holds for the big man going forward. We have a multitude of segments throughout the night with Ryback and crew.

I think the action between Heyman-Ryback and Punk reminds me a lot of the Road Runner cartoons. From the proposal of Heyman to Ryback in joining his stable to Punk messing with Heyman’s guys with distractions. From causing Curtis Axel to lose to R Truth to feigning in the injury using a kendo stick on Paul Heyman’s ankle and keeping his henchmen. The feud feels reinvigorated.

Kofi Kingston defeats Fandango rather easily. Really does nothing for either guy. They seem to be on the outside looking in at this point. I like the integration of the YouTube clips though the show the devastation of the Trouble in Paradise gives Kofi more credibility.

After the match, the Wyatt family comes out. Bray Wyatt sitting in his rocking chair says when he was a kid he didn’t understand why all the bad things happen to him. And then he said he knows what you must do and put everyone down out of their misery. Kingston was still in the ring for some reason and had a chair was waiting for an attack that didn’t happen. Maybe this will to a match Sunday?

Dolph Ziggler will face Damien Sandow this Sunday. Could they have picked any two superstars with no conflict for the Kickoff in Buffalo? Is is a red herring for a Damien Sandow cash in later in the night? Maybe Sandow has been starting to do the false cash in gimmick on house shows this past weekend.

We see a promo for the Los Matadores who are debuting next.

The debut match of the bullfighters, Diego and Fernando (the former Epico and Primo) was against 3MB and was nothing spectacular. The real winner of this over the top gimmick was the entrance with the pomp and circumstance of a Spanish bullfighting ring with their mascot, the miniscule Torito. I don’t know if this repackaged tag team will have legs going forward or will have a limited shelf life. Only time with tell. Look at Fandango. His in ring persona is not the strongest but his entrance is over with the audience. One things for sure the bull was over in Biloxi.

Paul Heyman does great promo work setting up segments that I talked about earlier.

Triple H and Stephanie come out for their lucrative proposal to the Rhodes clan. This brings out the Hall of Famer and his two sons to the ring. I found it funny that Stephanie was bobbing her head to the American Dream’s theme music. The COO and his wife then insults the Rhodes family about the recent failures but offer them one more chance to get their jobs back at Battleground if they win against the tag team champions Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. If they lose, Dusty’s fired from his job in developmental.

(He was already removed as general manager on NXT and replaced by JBL I don’t know if that’s an indication of what’s to come . But it may be..)

After this announcement, Dusty gets in the face of Triple H putting his hand in the face of Stephanie. This leads to ominous words from the billion-dollar Princess herself saying that if the Hall of Famer wants a fight he will get one. Following a long awkward pause, the Shield attacks Dustin, Cody and Dusty. Roman reigns gives one hell of a spear to The Bizarre One and Cody receives the Triple Power Bomb. The son of a plumber tries to help but is the down himself.

Judging by what they do with the Big Show later in the night, I’m guessing that in the turning into a six man tag later on.Big Show definitely seems like he has had enough, threatening to punch out Triple H. Given that The Shield is booked against the giant this Friday. It seems logical given that Ambrose has no opponent this Sunday that the World’s Largest Athlete will be added to the mix to quell his anger.

The newly engaged Brie Bella defeated Alicia Fox pulled out one hell of a head scissors modified DDT during the match. AJ looked on with her new bodyguard Tamina at her challenger this Sunday at Battleground. It’s interesting that they are splitting up the twins with Nikki being more egotistical and Brie being on the side of good with her man Daniel Bryan.

Alberto del Rio defeats Zack Ryder. I feel like Zack got in way too much offense. The purpose really is not the buildup Ryder, but to make the champion look strong. Especially since Ryder hasn’t really won the match in quite some time. It just felt like filler. I understand why they didn’t but it should have had something hard-core to play in this Sunday. No RVD on the show which is strange. No real mention of why is not there either.

The Shield wins against the Usos and Dolph Ziggler in a highly competitive match probably match of the night. Not sure what this means for the future of the number one contenders for the tag titles but it was a good match nonetheless. Dolph definitely seems to take a backseat to a lot of the McMahon storylines.

Antonio Cesaro is defeated by Santino. At least he has the big swing that will continue to get him on TV. Maybe he will get the push he deserves as long as he stays in the spotlight?

The show ends with a face-off between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan which seemed like a rehash of what they’ve done before. The only difference is that his new fianc e is added into the mix telling Randy to quit being down her man. They did not make Bryan looked that strong going into this Sunday. WWE has really put themselves in another no win situation. If Orton loses he looks week and if Bryan loses he can’t overcome without being screwed.

There’s a lot of potential for greatness this Sunday Buffalo, but I have a feeling as with any Battleground there will be destruction and casualties that no one had accounted for. Hopefully they don’t sacrifice characters in the short-term. Who will come out on top?

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Alan Pardew 2

Media Image Ltd

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew offered his resignation in the wake of his side’s 3-2 defeat to Everton in the Premier League last night, according to reports.

The Magpies crashed to their third topflight loss in six games at Goodison Park on Monday night, after Romelu Lukaku scored either side of Ross Barkley’s strike to help sink the Toon.

And though Yohan Cabaye and Loic Remy scored in a late rally, the damage had already been done to the north East outfit in the first half.

Pardew is understood to have met with owner Mike Ashley after the game and offered to resign from his post, but was instead issued a vote of confidence and told his job is safe.

That comes despite the fact Newcastle are just two places above the relegation zone having conceded six goals in their last two Premier League games.

The Magpies next travel to Cardiff City at the weekend, followed by a home game against Liverpool and the Tyne and Wear derby against Sunderland.

They also take on Manchester City in the Capital One Cup at the end of the month, followed by crunch games against Chelsea and Tottenham.

Pardew signed a bumper contract extension at St James’ Park last September, tying him to the club until 2020.

Is it time for Alan Pardew to leave? Let us know in the comment section, below.

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Greg Capullo recently tweeted that he and Scott Snyder have been given an additional twenty four issues on top of their already quite lengthy run on the New 52 s Batman title.

Despite some fan derision and some quite compelling arguments to the contrary this article aims to prove that this is welcome news indeed. Furthermore it aims to encourage you to not take anybody’s word for it, be they positive or negative, and to read the work yourself and form your own opinion.

The five reasons that are here for your consideration were originally going to be presented in a sort of ranked order. However it was felt that this was unfair as each is an intrinsic component of the run as a whole. So whereas other articles might run from five to one in a sort of worst to best, this article will run from one to five.

So, in no particular order…

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