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I have to admit, I am sold on Ryback. This guy is indeed a machine, both in physique and ability. He is without a doubt, barring injury, the future of the WWE. But thanks to the initial push orchestrated by the WWE his whole persona has been reduced to nothing more than a Goldberg clone.

Now although initially in the first few months I would have to agree, it has since become truly annoying (to me at least) to hear the crowd chant GOLDBERG every time he is in the ring. Like mindless drones or sheep they carry on regardless of how idiotic that chant has now become. For quite simply, Ryback is NOTHING like Goldberg.

Now if there was anyone who Ryback reminds me off from back in WCW, it would be Scott Steiner. To a lesser extent I have also been known to compare the man to a young Rhyno. But Goldberg. Not freakin’ likely. In fact, they are such an opposite of each other it is really quite remarkable.

So with that in mind I now present to you my reasons as to why Ryback is nothing like Goldberg, and if you indeed think otherwise I suggest you go back and find some old WCW tapes and take notes. For my personal belief is that, as a play on words to previous articles, Bill Goldberg represented everything that WAS wrong with professional wrestling.


(Side note: Just like to add that even though I detested his wrestling career with a passion, he is a very avid advocate of animal rights & prevention of cruelty to animals so for that I salute THE MAN, Goldberg,,,,and he killed it in “Santa’s Slay” & “Ready to Rumble” also)

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It can be notoriously tough to predict what will capture the imagination of the general public – history is littered with crashing failures such as Sir Clive Sinclair’s battery electric vehicle, the C5, and unbelievable successes such as Facebook, which started out as a university-based social network and is now the world’s largest database of cat and lunch photos. If life was easy to predict, there’d be infinitely more lottery winners.

Hollywood executives are no different in this respect. Every commission of a film such as Heaven’s Gate or Waterworld proves this. For every sleeper hit and expensive disaster, there are films that should never have worked and hit the screen against all odds- and were undeniably terrific.

Here, we take a look at 5 such films that were adapted from source material that should have ensured that the transition from page to multiplex could never have happened, whether it be from the complex narratives, the controversy of the novel’s plot or the sheer lack of technology available to bring the book to life.

Honourable Mention – The Shining

The Shining 5 Stephen King Books Stories

I was tempted to include The Shining, as huge swathes of the book rely upon imagery such as the moving topiary hedges, which would be hard to put on film even now without looking comical, and Kubrick managed to conjure up motifs that were the equal of this, such as the cascade of blood from the lift doors.

However, the novel and the film differ so dramatically in terms of plot structure and characterisation that, although The Shining worked fantastically well as a film, it would be cheating slightly to include it in this context. Besides, the King-approved TV mini-series followed the book faithfully, and was utterly dreadful.

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Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

Arsenal went five points clear at the top of the Premier League by beating nearest challengers Liverpool thanks to classy strikes from Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey.

Gunners manager Arsene Wenger made one alteration from the XI that started the win at Crystal Palace. Tomas Rosicky replaced Mathieu Flamini. Mikel Arteta served his ban for the red card picked up in that game in midweek. Jack Wilshere missed out with an ankle problem.

Reds boss Brendan Rodgers was without right back Glen Johnson again due to illness, so academy product Jon Flanagan deptuized. Brazil playmaker Philippe Coutinho was back on the bench after six weeks out with a shoulder injury.

Czech captain Rosicky worked Simon Mignolet on five minutes after a one-two with Cazorla. Liverpool’s Belgian keeper tipped a shot across goal behind. Jordan Henderson then fluffed his lines as he caught Cazorla in possession and broke for the visitors.

Arsenal began to exert their slick passing on the Reds and were rewarded inside 20 minutes as they broke down the right. Bacary Sagna crossed for Cazorla, and, although his initial header crashed back off the upright, he clinically fired into the roof of the net.

Time and again the Gunners got joy from playing one-twos and Ramsey brought a low stop out of Mignolet. The pattern of play then settled down into breaks and counters from either side, though neither team had sufficient support to capitalize.

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Black Lips

Writing a 10 Best Garage Rock Albums list proves more difficult than you would think. The genre in itself melts in to so many sub-genres, that being, ‘Lo-fi’, ‘Psych-rock’, ‘Garage-surf’, ‘Surf-rock’ etc, so keeping this list at the core of what we can all agree is ‘Garage Rock’ has taken some serious thought. And when a genre has bands who pump out numerous albums a year, feeding this ever growing life force that it is, where do you even begin narrowing down the best of the best?

The last three years in Garage Rock have become all the more internal. We’ve seen collaborations, compilations, split EPs, guest vocals and guest instrumentals from the major contributors to this musical grunge bucket of the Tens. Ultimately though, it’s creating this mass youth-generation of raw, rock n’ roll players and I don’t see anyone complaining.

So, let’s see who we end up with, shall we?

10. Los Dos Hermanos – Bourbon, Blood And Seafoods (2013)

Los Dos Hermanos

Perhaps a little less known to the ‘mainstream’ side of Garage Rock are a band called Los Dos Hermanos. Their album Bourbon, Blood and Seafoods was released on French label Howlin’ Banana Records this year and made it to my top ten list without a second thought. This duo is based out of Bordeaux, France with Billy Dorados on guitar and Carol Tweedlady on percussions, constructing the album into an old school artefact with their love of French history in tunes dedicated to the days of yore like ‘Robespierre’ and ‘Louis XVI.’

These two supply the perfect arrangements of twangy and summery rock riffs, all the while keeping in tune with punky and fast beats. Highlights of the album include the fuzzy eruptions of volcanic ‘Loud,’ and wacky carnival of sins track ‘No 13 which screeches the echoey lyrics “I wanna be your Valentine” behind a clutter of distortion.

Naturally, Los Dos Hermanos must give credit to the West Coast rock scene of the US as gritty waves of electric sound crash over ‘Blue Night Summer,’ added by the haunted howl of Dorados on vocals. Most of all, this album is just purely catchy. Bourbon, Blood and Seafoods would be an essential for any follower of this genre and a band who I’m sure would stir up a storm at any one of their shows.

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Ali Larter Health Magazine cover

Courtesy Health

When Ali Larter was pregnant with her son Theodore Hayes back in 2010, the Obsessed actress gained 45 pounds – and unlike many Hollywood starlets, Larter says the post-pregnancy pounds didn’t drop off easily.

“A lot of women say that they breastfeed and the pounds come right off,” Larter, 37, says in the September issue of Health.

“For women who gain 25 pounds, that’s probably true … I gained 45 pounds. Mine came off at about five months, after working out a lot and doing a food delivery service,” she says.

The actress, whose cookbook Kitchen Revelry is due out next month, also tells the magazine that postpartum weightloss and toning is a whole different ballgame.

“It’s hard to impress me with a body that hasn’t had a baby. Have a baby and then let’s talk,” she jokes.

Still, Larter says there are few things she enjoys more than a good get-together – especially one she’s hosting!

“I can’t go a month without throwing a dinner party,” she says. “For me, entertaining has become a metaphor for life. If you mess up, laugh at it and order pizza. What’s important is putting yourself out there.”

And she’s also not too hard on herself when she gives into temptation and has some dessert.

“Like most women, I can’t eat half a brownie. It’s just not who I am,” she confesses. “I go for it, and then I try to be better. You have to enjoy life, right?”

– Lee Hernandez

There’s nothing cozier than a soft and roomy cotton sweatshirt. And as star moms including Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker prove, you can wear a stylish version with anything. That’s why their styles of choice are by LA-based brand, Nation LTD, which is known for its casual yet polished tees and bottoms.

On April 9, Garner rocked the brand’s Raglan Sweatshirt ($88) in bright blue with faded jeans in Pacific Palisades, Calif. And a month later, Parker wore a similar outfit on May 22 in N.Y.C. For a more refined take, Reese paired the charcoal gray Pomona Sweatshirt ($79) with green butterfly-print shorts while visiting a friend in Brentwood on Aug. 12.


Ben Foster/Broadimage; Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic; Headlinephoto/Splash News Online

TELL US: Do you have a fave sweatshirt? How do you wear it? Do you dress it up or down?

Fitzgerald Grant III, the commander-in-chief in the ABC primetime soap Scandal, has not had a very easy first term. His time in office has been marked by infidelity, a stolen election and one failed assassination attempt. Nearly since the day he was inaugurated, Fitz (as portrayed by Tony Goldwyn) has dreamed of giving up the presidency in order to live a normal life with his advisor/mistress Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). And yet, at every turn, he has backed down – his destiny, his duty to the American people, has been too great.

But has America actually benefitted from having Fitz in office? As Scandal approaches its midseason finale, let’s examine how good of a chief executive Fitzgerald Grant III has been throughout his first term.

Scandal President Fitz: Truly Terrible? A Point-Counterpoint Discussion| Scandal, Kerry Washington

Fitz relaxes in the Oval Office during the episode “It’s Handled”

Eric McCandless / ABC

Point: He cares about the American people

It’s a point constantly hammered home by the people in the Grant White House. Unlike other politicians on Scandal – nearly all of whom turn out to be lying, cheating, crooks – Fitz isn’t out for his own gain. He’s “one of the good ones;” an idealist who sincerely cares about the fate of the country. Even in the dirty world of politics, Fitz’s first instinct is to take the high road at every turn, and when he doesn’t, that’s usually because of back-room maneuvering on the part of his ostensible allies.

Counterpoint: …Except when it comes to specific people

Has any President since Nixon abused his power more than Fitz? The man employed a secret agent whose entire job was to stalk his ex girlfriend, and he’s not been shy in using the privileges of his office to force Olivia to go his way. (How many times has the Secret Service appeared on Olivia’s doorstep?) And most of his vaunted concern for the American people is just lip-service: He loves the country so much that he spends most of his first term lying to voters about what’s really going on – always for their own good, he tells himself. Also, he murdered a Supreme Court justice once, which would move any politician down a good-government scorecard.

Scandal President Fitz: Truly Terrible? A Point-Counterpoint Discussion| Scandal, Kerry Washington

Fitz ponders his choices in the episode “A Door Marked Exit”

Danny Feld / ABC

Point: His ideas are sound

Politically, Fitzgerald Grant almost perfectly encapsulates Hollywood’s ides about what a “good” Republican should be. He’s the moderate governor of a coastal state (in this case, California) who spends as much time smacking down his conservative counterparts as he does battling Democrats. He refuses to let the CIA and Big Energy manipulate him into a rash war with East Sudan, and domestically his platform is full of popular, centrist ideas like the DREAM Act and a national volunteer program for higher education.

Counterpoint: …But he hasn’t actually accomplished much

Yes, he has two notable foreign-policy accomplishments: handling out the East Sudan situation without going to war, and rescuing captured CIA agents in Afghanistan. But those were both crises the U.S. found itself in, which speaks to one of Fitz’s major weaknesses as President. He’s disturbingly passive for a Commander-in-Chief. Sure, the Senate is controlled by the opposition (Edison, a Democrat, is the Senate Majority Leader) but when his signature education plan fails shortly after his inauguration, we rarely see Fitz make another policy push.

Scandal President Fitz: Truly Terrible? A Point-Counterpoint Discussion| Scandal, Kerry Washington

Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) delivers a speech in the episode “More Cattle, Less Bull”

Richard Cartwright / ABC

Point: He cares about diversity

No old boy’s club here: Fitz’s White House could double as an episode of Glee. His chief of staff is an openly gay Republican, while his closest advisor is a black woman. It’s not a lot, but it’s something.

Counterpoint: …But that doesn’t stop him from using and abusing his subordinates at every turn

One of the underlying themes of Scandal is how Fitz – a rich, straight, white guy – acts as a vessel for the ambitions of characters who, by virtue of their race, gender or sexuality, could not be elected to the presidency themselves. Fitz understands this dynamic, but still abuses it. He slept with a White House intern, then threw her away, and he’s complicit in turning his brilliant wife into a glorified broodmare. Even his bold plan to get the public to accept Olivia as First Lady boiled down to calling his opponents racist.

Scandal President Fitz: Truly Terrible? A Point-Counterpoint Discussion| Scandal, Kerry Washington

Fitz seduces Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) in the episode “Vermont is for Lovers, Too”

Michael Ansell / ABC

Point: He loves Olivia Pope

Scandal wouldn’t be a Shonda Rhimes show if it wasn’t centered on a steamy, messy love affair, and Fitz really does have epic love for Olivia. (It’s creepy, manipulative love, but still.) The American people have generally been fine with cheating politicians who seem like they’re genuinely in love with their mistresses. You could say that continuing to love Olivia is the bravest thing Fitz has ever done.

Counterpoint: …More than he loves being president

That’s the tragedy of Fitzgerald Grant: The man doesn’t want to be president, not really. He only got into politics to one-up his hated father, and now that he’s reached the highest office in the land, he’s adrift. Every so often he’ll wake up with renewed purpose and vigor, but within a few episodes it’s back to shower-scotch and weary resignation. The best presidents have had a joy for the job in all its forms. Think FDR’s fireside chats, or Reagan’s stirring stump speeches. At this point, the nation might be better served under the auspices of villainous vice-president Sally Langston. Say what you will about her politics, at least she’s got verve.

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Ever wonder what the fashion world’s really like, how the Pyramid builders slaked their thirst, or what it’s like to work as a junk hauler?

Our staffers are finding out.

Let us know what you think of the books they’re engrossed in – and tell us what you’re reading.

What We're Reading This Weekend: Quirky Nonfiction| Book Reviews, Books, What We're Reading, Simon Doonan

Taylor Bryant, StyleWatch Reporter
Her Pick: The Asylum by Simon Doonan

This collection of autobiographical essays is a love letter from Barneys creative ambassador Doonan (known for those insanely beautiful window designs) to the fashion industry. From how he got started to the time he saw a ceiling fall on Anna Wintour to his audition for the part of Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada (Stanley Tucci beat him out), Doonan’s tales give us a laugh-out-loud first-hand look into the eccentric “asylum” of fashion.

What We're Reading This Weekend: Quirky Nonfiction| Book Reviews, Books, What We're Reading, Simon Doonan

Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor
Her Pick: A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage

The premise of this book is fascinating: Much of the development of western civilization can be traced to the growth of the popular beverages of the time. Beer, wine, tea, coffee, liquor, soda: Standage makes a persuasive case for each “glass” in a fun, big-picture way, and I find myself citing his evidence in conversation all the time. Who knew, for instance, that ancient Egyptians working on the Pyramids were paid in beer?

What We're Reading This Weekend: Quirky Nonfiction| Book Reviews, Books, What We're Reading, Simon Doonan

Cara Shultz, Senior Editor
Her Pick: Got Junk by Tom Acox

A book about the companies you see on Hoarders? But I gave it a shot, and I’m glad I did. It’s hilarious – the author sounds like he’s your buddy, dishing out his wildest tales. Acox hauled junk during the summer to put himself through graduate school, and the book is all about that summer: customers he meets, the perks of the job and some of the more random (and shocking) things he and his coworkers found in people’s homes.

Check back every Thursday for another round of staff picks, and see more book reviews each week in PEOPLE magazine, on newsstands now. Plus, check out last week’s buzzy new novels
and more great book finds here

Karim Benzema

Arsenal are poised to make yet another club-transfer-record-breaking bid for a Real Madrid player, with Karim Benzema being linked with a move to the Gunners, according to the Metro.

In the summer window, Arsene Wenger’s side shelled out 42.5 million for Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil, and they are set to blow that out of the water by capturing former teammate Benzema, say reports.

According to the Metro, respected Fifa agent Francois Gallardo dropped a heavy hint that the striker could be on his way to Emirates Stadium for 43 million in January.

“A very important Premier League club is after Karim,” Gallardo is reported to have told Le Sport 10.

“This club wants the transfer to happen this winter, but if this is not possible, then next summer at the latest.

“The offer will be around 50 million [ 43 million].”

Though Gallardo stopped short of specifically mentioning the unknown suitor, Arsenal are known to be big admirers of Benzema, and tried to lure the Frenchman from the Bernabeu over the summer.

This renewed link with the attacker also comes a matter of days after Wenger promised to continue splashing the cash following the big money arrival of Ozil.

And, with forward Lukas Podolski ruled out until the New Year, a new striker is believed to be one of Wenger’s biggest priorities when the transfer window reopens in January.

Arsenal are currently top of the Premier League having gone unbeaten in the topflight since defeat to Aston Villa on the opening day of the season on August 17.

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When popular music is made correctly, it shows itself to be more than just a catchy tune and lyrics. It is a way to express a message or tell a story of importance to the artist.

And sometimes, these stories are far darker than originally perceived by the listener. Many popular bands of recent years have played this trick on unsuspecting listeners, from The Beatles and The Jam through to more modern day examples such as Foster The People. With examples of the themes hidden ranging from but not limited to, murder, drug abuse and suicide.

This list will hopefully illuminate my top ten picks of these darker sides nestled away in some of the most unexpected songs recorded. But without anymore hesitation let’s move on to the first song on the list which is…

10. The Kinks – Lola

220px Kinks Lola Uk Cover

Released: 12 June 1970

Lola was a massive hit for The Kinks reaching number 2 in the charts of their home country, the UK. With it’s folk styled guitar playing paired with Ray Davies’ vocals making it sound as if it is yet another story of love told through a pop song. Which by itself wouldn’t justify it’s inclusion in this list. Thankfully however, there is a much darker side present here, which is only revealed upon further inspection.

The song is in fact a retelling of Davies seeing the band’s manager at the time, Robert Wace, spending the night with a transvestite. It is full of hints towards this hidden theme,throughout it’s darkly humourous lyrics. Such as the narrator’s confusion upon meeting Lola for the first time in “Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand, why she walked like a woman and talked like a man” and again in the fourth verse “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls” both comically pointing out the confusion, described in Davies’ autobiography, felt by Wace upon the realisation that the woman he was dancing with had stubble.

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