I have to admit, I am sold on Ryback. This guy is indeed a machine, both in physique and ability. He is without a doubt, barring injury, the future of the WWE. But thanks to the initial push orchestrated by the WWE his whole persona has been reduced to nothing more than a Goldberg clone.

Now although initially in the first few months I would have to agree, it has since become truly annoying (to me at least) to hear the crowd chant GOLDBERG every time he is in the ring. Like mindless drones or sheep they carry on regardless of how idiotic that chant has now become. For quite simply, Ryback is NOTHING like Goldberg.

Now if there was anyone who Ryback reminds me off from back in WCW, it would be Scott Steiner. To a lesser extent I have also been known to compare the man to a young Rhyno. But Goldberg. Not freakin’ likely. In fact, they are such an opposite of each other it is really quite remarkable.

So with that in mind I now present to you my reasons as to why Ryback is nothing like Goldberg, and if you indeed think otherwise I suggest you go back and find some old WCW tapes and take notes. For my personal belief is that, as a play on words to previous articles, Bill Goldberg represented everything that WAS wrong with professional wrestling.


(Side note: Just like to add that even though I detested his wrestling career with a passion, he is a very avid advocate of animal rights & prevention of cruelty to animals so for that I salute THE MAN, Goldberg,,,,and he killed it in “Santa’s Slay” & “Ready to Rumble” also)

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