Game Of Thrones

Much can be said about the gravitas that the Game of Thrones cast continues to bring to the series. We’ve seen these characters evolve throughout the last three seasons and we have become incredibly invested in their respective paths. While it is quite safe to assume that characters like Tyrion, Jon Snow and possibly Stannis (who now heads North) are set to have a more definitive role this season, we can also make the assumption that characters falling under House Stark, House Lannister and other major houses (as well as the events across the Narrow Sea) are also bound to feature quite prominently.

I’m sure some central plots will take a backseat to more pivotal events this time around but I am really hoping to see a whole lot more of certain individuals, some of whom were introduced as early as last season, and how their increasing role will impact the narrative of this upcoming season. Here’s a list of those I haven’t seen enough of, those I can’t seem to get enough of and those who I simply hope will continue to stir things up in Westeros.

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