Just in case you needed a reminder of who has one of the best set of abs in town, Pink is featured on the October 2013 cover of Women’s Health.

Clad in a crop tank and sequined skirt, the 33-year-old superstar flaunts her famous midriff beside her story on “How to Live More Fearlessly.”

To start, exercise is key.

“My favorite workout right now is hot yoga, but my favorite workout in general is my show, being on stage because I get to have fun while I’m sweating!” she tells the magazine. [via E!]

“Don’t even know how many calories I’m burning!”

The mother-of-one also goes to the gym five times a week and challenges herself to circuit training and the treadmill.

But just like the rest of us, Pink has her guilty pleasures.

“I’m afraid of the world running out of cheesecake, especially Cheesecake Factory,” she quips. “And then I would also have to be afraid of the world running out of key limes because key lime cheesecake is the best kind of cheesecake there is.”

Totally hear you on that cheesecake thing, Pink.

For more of Pink, pick up the October issue of Women’s Health magazine.