The Marvel Cinematic Universe is rapidly developing and expanding. Phase one culminated in the formation of the Avengers – the movie of which introduced aliens to the MCU’s continuity and, following the events in the recent Thor: The Dark World movie, it has also delved deeper in to the nine realms to let us know for sure that there are many other worlds and beings out there to be explored.

The possibilities from here on in are both exciting and near unlimited, with years and years of Marvel history to explore. Guardians of the Galaxy will take the viewing audiences truly in to the cosmos for the first time, with (we can assume) the whole film taking place in space and the introduction of a number of new alien characters and races.

We can also safely assume that Thanos will be appearing more, following on from his brief cameo during the credits of The Avengers, and that more and more alien characters will be appear as new films get developed over the next few years.

But with a comic book villain roster that has grown since Marvel’s inception in 1939, imagining which alien characters may step up to the evil plate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future is a mouth-watering prospect for comic and movie fans alike.

With that in mind, here are eight extraterrestrial villains it would be a pleasant surprise to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (but we probably ever won’t)…

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