The wrestling industry belongs to Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The history of the profession stretches way back to the 1800 s, but for the most part, the history of pro wrestling only exists from the era of McMahon.

It was Churchill who declared “History is written by the victors”, and in wrestling it has certainly been the case. The WWE will touch upon wrestlers such as Frank Gotch who popularized pro wrestling with his 1908 World Championship run, but mainly the celebration of “wrestling greats” begins with the WWWF’s Bruno Sammartino in 1963. The WWE media machine has carefully popularized its own version of wrestling history, and attempts have been made in various propaganda to cast wrestling history in the way Vince McMahon sees fit.

This WWE rewriting of history has involved censorship, deletion of champions and blackballing of talent. Here we look at 10 ways the WWE has tried to rewrite the legacy of an industry…

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