R&B megastar and hit-maker R Kelly has had an enviable music career spanning over two decades and has produced iconic anthems for some of the best in the business. Since churning out smooth, sexy 90s grooves (‘Bump n’ Grind’) and upbeat club classics (‘She’s Got That Vibe’, ‘Ignition Remix’), Kells has also collaborated with hip-hop heavyweights including Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and T.I throughout his career. His most recent musical collaboration involves providing guest vocals on Lady Gaga’s super-catchy new single ‘Do What U Want’.

However, his ever-growing success has not been without numerous controversies, from his several court appearances to his extremely outlandish, X-rated song lyrics. He is well known for initiating sex in the most bizarre and ridiculous ways imaginable through the medium of song, where he documents his erotic encounters, fascinates over the female anatomy and displays his sexual prowess. The reactions most likely to be generated from listening to these provocative tracks tend to consist of bewilderment, cringe, confusion, slight state of shock and hysterical laughter, as well as a lowered sex drive, all rolled up into a ball. For every soundtrack to beautiful lovemaking, there is bonkers imagery and metaphors thrown in for good measure.

Kells has recently defended his raunchy lyrical content by claiming that he is just saying what ‘probably a whole lot of other guys want to say but don’t know how to sing it and say it in the way I say it.’ Errr…really? If a lot of the guys said half of the things that R Kelly said either to or about a woman, then they would be most likely to be branded a creep and get a slap.

It is often extremely hard to believe that this is the same musical mastermind behind such inspiring, poignant R&B anthems as such as the Grammy-Award winning ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, ‘The World’s Greatest’ and ‘I Wish’, as well as penning euphoric power ballads for the elite forces of music, including the late, great Michael Jackson (‘You Are Not Alone’) and Whitney Houston (‘I Look to You’).

But, the undisputed king of highly sexualised, graphic lyrics and misogynistic music videos shows absolutely no signs of being dethroned whatsoever. With the release of his sexually graphic twelfth studio album, Black Panties, we have rounded up R Kelly’s craziest song lyrics of all time to celebrate. So outrageous that they would be more likely to make a woman keep those Black Panties on…

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