• H2 ION Thermal Activated Hair Repair

H2 Ion utilizes Ionic technology, the most advanced technology in hair care today. Ionic technology works with heat to restore and revitalize dry damaged hair. When you blow dry or heat style your hair, negative ions inside the conditioner fuse with damaged hair. They seal broken cuticles and restore hair?s natural moisture level. Your hair is left lustrous and healthy. H2 Ion is unlike any other conditioner treatment in the market today. Unlike most conditioner treatment which coat hair, H2 Ion works from the inside out. Utilizing ionic technology, H2 Ion penetrates deep into the hair shaft to infuse moisture. Other treatments are silicone based. These conditioners build up and weigh hair down. That’s their version of hair repair. H2 Ion is specially formulated with MIM, a unique moisture infusion microbead derived only from Sonoran Jojoba plants. MIM works to infuse vital moisture into damaged hair and keeps the body you love! H2 Ion now has Shampoo and Conditioner! H2 Ion Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect compliment to H2 Ion 1-minute treatment and offers a daily solution for seriously parched, chemically damaged hair to keep you looking salon-gorgeous between treatments!

Price: $23.99