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It entails a certain taste to enjoy many Euro horror films. A lot of them are straight horror films but even more than that feature gallons of sleaze upon sleaze – a lot of sexualised violence against women which makes them quite lurid and seedy.

But most hardcore Euro horror fans appreciate the kinkiness of the genre as that is what gives it its distinctive flavour. Where would we be without Jess Franco’s pubic hair zoom shots? Jean Rollin’s sapphic vampires? Lucio Fulci’s crotch stabbings? A hell of a lot more bored we would be.

My taste in Euro horror may be a lot more tawdry than your own taste in Euro horror. You may watch more high brow films than me, but that is okay, I would love to hear from you at the comment section!

20. Vampyres (1974)


A British lesbian vampire film directed by the Spaniard – Jose Larraz who brings his own continental touch to the proceedings.

The plot is as flimsy as the leading ladies’ clothes. Basically two lesbian vampires roam the British countryside, and lure people into their castle for kinky sex and to drink their blood. That’s about it.

The film makes the most of its rural English countryside setting – Larraz shows it off to its maximum glory. The two female leads are very beautiful and perform in a very erotic and compelling manner. The film doesn’t shy away from showing blood vampirism even though it was made in England and film makers had stricter film censorship rules to adhere to than their continental brethren. I don’t particularly think that it is a film that will change your life in anyway, but there is plenty of nudity from gorgeous women and a lot of blood sucking antics to keep you amused.

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