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With Wrestlemania the past two years holding dream matches such as Rock/Cena and HHH/Brock and with Summerslam holding Punk/Brock, I can’t help but think of all the dream matches that we will never get to see.

When talking about dream matches, everyone has their own preference. Whether you like the guys in the match or not, you would still want to see perhaps the biggest match of all time. I’m not that big a fan of CM Punk or Brock Lesnar, but I am looking forward to the match because of how big it is. Because of the atmosphere and aura surrounding the match, I am indeed looking forward to their encounter.

I thought I would take a look at some of the dream matches we will never see. For one reason or another we will probably never see any of these matches happen. Although, most people thought we would never see The Rock return and take on Cena, so I guess we can never say never.

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