Apparently done with running naked through the woods, all for the sake of subjective, misguided “art,” Lady Gaga posted the latest promotional image for ARTPOP on her Facebook page Thursday. Among other things, it features a prosthetic arm and yet another rambling message from the wacky pop superstar.

“I am listening to the album,” she wrote. I know maybe this upsets you, as you’d very much like to hear it. i share these personal feelings because IF I HAD TO GO ANOTHER MONTH WITHOUT PLAYING THE NEW MUSIC I THINK ID CHEW MY ARM OFF # ARTPOP11DAYS


Perhaps she took the video for “Single Ladies” a bit too seriously.

In any case, it’s the latest tease from Gaga’s album, due out Nov. 11. Earlier this week, a leaked demo of her song “Aura” (or maybe “Burqa,” who knows?) hit the Internet, much to the divided criticisms of her fans.