Even with six newbies taking over the Saturday Night Live studio, it was the familiar face who ultimately stole the show.

Tina Fey’s return to her NBC stomping grounds to kick off the sketch comedy’s 39th season brought the laughs, some Miley Cyrus-worthy moves and at least a hoagie’s worth of street credit at the comedian’s favorite sandwich chain.

“How am I going to demand the best table at Subway if I don’t have a TV show?” Fey deadpanned of her small-screen encore during her opening monologue (watch below), which also parodied her Emmys night wardrobe malfunction and the cast additions’ knee-slappin’ booty-shaking.

The LOLs continued for Fey, who was a regular-turned-head writer on SNL for nine years:

She got Girl-y

Picking up where she left off at this year’s Golden Globes, Fey once again dug her nails into HBO’s Lena Dunham original, Girls. But this time around, Fey’s heading to Brooklyn, too, to join the core four as Blerta, the girl from Albania with a rubber hand and OCD (Old Cow Disease).

New cast member or Arcade Fire?

How to stump Miss Bossypants: Ask her to differentiate SNL‘s fresh faces from the Canadian indie rock band.

The update on Weekend Update

Officially passing the baton to Cecily Strong on the weekly segment she once co-anchored, Fey had a few wisecracks – ahem, we mean words of wisdom – for the new regular: “Keep your feet on the ground, keep reaching for the stars, believe in your nightmares.”