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Zac Hanson — the drummer from Hanson — was the victim in a disgusting spit attack on his tour bus in Seattle last night … and the gross moment was all caught on video.

Here’s what we know — the spitter somehow got onto Hanson’s tour bus … and as Zac was trying to boot him from the bus, the guy unleashed a big nasty loogie that hits Zac right in the head.

You can see the spit dripping off Zac’s hair … it’s really disgusting … but Zac simply brushed off the incident, and smiled as if it was no big deal.

As for the douche bag … he simply turns and walks away while cursing out some of the people surrounding the bus.

After the incident, Zac tweeted … “Gonna be a good show tonight, I cleaned off all the spit and I am feeling ready to go! -Z”