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If you have even the slightest knowledge of the film industry, it’s increasingly apparent that a plethora of upcoming films are remakes of classics. The reasoning is a combination of multiple things too, but mostly stems from our economy which is not improving despite what the media says. We live in age where seeing just one movie at a theater can feel like some luxurious experience after factoring in how damn high prices have skyrocketed. And with your limited funds comes picking and choosing; sequels or remakes of classics you love, or something that you have never heard of that while it may be good, you can’t justify dropping $12 a ticket on.

This has unfortunately resulted in an ongoing death rattle for creativity in mainstream Hollywood. No movie, no matter how high on a pedestal it sits is untouchable from the grubby dollar sighted clutches of a modern facelift. Sometimes they’re admittedly awesome (David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) while most are disappointing garbage (cough Total Recall).

They rake in the cash though and aren’t going away, especially considering how many amazing movies there are left currently untouched. This list will detail 10 movies that you just know Hollywood will piss all over, and my highly educated, sometimes humorous predictions on how they’ll be desecrated. Remember, these are about 100 more films out there that should just be left alone too, so this list obviously doesn’t touch upon everything.

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