Awesome Comics

Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s Awesome Comics column where you get the definitive picks from the shelves you don’t want to miss! This week’s comics news has been pretty slow, the expected lull following the ton of press releases that flooded the internet from New York Comic Con, but as always there are great comics being put out every week, and this week is no exception.

We’ve got comedy, magic, spies, murder, Death, the Old West, a supervillain on a gameshow, lots of sex, and a certain samurai making his long-awaited return…So yeah, another week of rich comics storytelling awaits us!

As always, I hope you’ll discover some excellent comics to read, and maybe even coax you to sample some titles from outside your usual pull list – remember that great comics are coming out all the time, and that’s what this column is about: drawing attention to the great ones. I don’t go out of my way to read non-Marvel/DC comics – I read everything – but I do know good comics when I see them so I hope you find some inspiration in this piece.

If you’ve got a beloved series or character you think I should be reading, send me a message and I’ll give them a fair look – maybe that comic will appear in a future Awesome Comics article!

Alright, on to the best comics of the week!

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