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There are only two episodes remaining of the best show ever (sorry, The Wire), so please enjoy this photo of Breaking Bad‘s hirsute hottie Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) at the ‘Halloween Time’ celebration at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., on Tuesday.

Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul isn’t a bad guy at all. Case in point: his recent run-in with a sightseeing tour bus.

After spotting a van full of tourists stopping in front of his Hollywood home, the two-time Emmy winner left the comforts of his $1.39 million mansion – this one, to be exact -to greet fans, take pictures and even chat about how their day is going.

Luckily for those who weren’t one of the lucky passengers, Paul McNeive, who was sightseeing with his family that day, captured the encounter all on film and uploaded it onto YouTube.

“Sometimes I see the van, and sometimes I don’t. And when I do, I always try to say hello,” Paul said in the video.

According to the actor, he was hanging out on his balcony with his family when he saw the bus of tourists.

“Thanks for coming out,” he said before shaking everyone’s hand.

Seriously, if Paul doesn’t win again at this year’s Emmys, someone should at least give him a “Good Guy” medal.

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