If there is one thing wrestling fans have learned over the years it’s that former big names always find a way to come back “home” to World Wrestling Entertainment. In recent years we’ve seen men like The Rock and Brock Lesnar make once unlikely returns. Now it’s time for Batista (real name Dave Batista) to return.

In a report by Mike Johnson of, Batista was advertised for a WWE live event in Las Vegas on Sunday February 16th via online and radio advertisements. The report goes on to state that he was expected back in the New Year possibly as a surprise at the Royal Rumble. Now that the news is out here, one has to wonder what WWE will do about it. When Batista left WWE in 2010, he spoke about not liking the PG direction the company was taking. Obviously the time away has allowed those feelings to change.

My suggestion is they should keep him off TV and advertise his return with video packages the way they did with Rob Van Dam’s return prior to Money in the Bank. If they feel the need to bring him back before the Rumble match that’s the best way they can get the fans excited about it.

Batista will turn 45 years old on January 18th, so it’s no surprise that he wants to have one final run in WWE. He is a former four time World Heavyweight Champion and two time WWE Champion that has had major WrestleMania matches against the likes of Triple H, Undertaker and John Cena in his career. He had a five year run as a top performer from 2005 until his departure in 2010.

Still an imposing physical presence at 6’6 280 pounds, Batista will be a fresh addition to the roster since he hasn’t been a regular since he left the company in 2010 to pursue MMA and an acting career. His acting career has landed him a major role in the motion picture Guardians of the Galaxy, which is set to be released in August 2014. Reports indicate that Batista would likely stay in WWE until it is time to promote the film.

There are many potential rivalries for Batista to have when he returns to the company. What’s interesting about him is that he has thrived as both a heel and a babyface. His last run was as a heel, but his most successful run was as a babyface. Names like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan come to mind as potential opponents. He also had rivalries with the likes of Randy Orton and John Cena, so those could be rekindled too. There are also newer guys moving up the ladder like Big E Langston and Roman Reigns that could get in his way. The positive thing about being gone for four years is that he’s fresher than he’s ever been.

The one name that I immediately thought of as Batista’s biggest rival? Brock Lesnar. The two started with WWE over 10 years ago and their paths never really crossed because Lesnar left the company before Batista ascended to the top of the company. They are about the same size, so it would be a battle of behemoths in many ways. That could be a WrestleMania match although I believe Lesnar vs. Undertaker is more likely. If Batista sticks around post WrestleMania then they could build to a program with Lesnar later in 2014.

The landscape of WWE changed at TLC when Randy Orton became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. With the impending return of “The Animal” Batista in 2014, things will change again.

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