Don’t worry, world – Justin Bieber has settled his beef with Bill Clinton.

Bieber reportedly called Clinton to apologize after TMZ uncovered a video of the teen pop phenom peeing into a janitorial bucket and yelling “F*** Bill Clinton!” while spraying a photo of the former President of the United States with cleaning liquid during a raucous night out in New York City earlier this year.

After his chat with Clinton, Bieber advertised his atonement on Twitter:

@billclinton thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy

Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) July 10, 2013

Though Clinton didn’t tweet back – chalk it up to him still being new to the game – a conversation apparently did transpire between the two, who have met before. Extra reports Clinton accepted Bieber’s apology, while advising the angsty teen to conscious of who he calls his crew (after all, it’s rumored one of his swaggy sidekicks was responsible for leaking the peeing-in-a-bucket video).

According to E!, Clinton assured Bieber: “If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.” Let’s not be so na ve, Mr. President.

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