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Beyonc , America’s favorite college student cramming for finals, wore socks and sweatpants yesterday as she carried daughter Blue Ivy on their way out of Puerto Rico. They were en route to another stop-likely Colombia-on the ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.’

The Barclays Center, otherwise known as Blue Ivy Carter's childhood home.

Like any other parent, Jay-Z wants his daughter to grow up happy and healthy. Despite Blue Ivy Carter‘s parents’ success, he wants her to feel connected to her roots. This is why Jay-Z decided to build his family a modest $1 billion home in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood. Inside there are more than 18,000 seats, several fully-staffed kitchens and a $1 million nursery; the home is named after a bank. Also, the Brooklyn Nets play home games there.

Forbes reports that Jay-Z must sell his share of the Barclays Center because of his burgeoning sports agency, Roc Nation Sports. The sale will net the Carter family $1.5 million, but you can’t put a price on memories. Gone is the post nailed to the wall where Beyonc painstakingly tracked Blue’s growth. Gone, the friendly concession worker who slipped her extra pur ed peaches. Blue will never spend another New Year’s Eve perched atop the Barclays Center scaffolding, watching Aunt Gwyneth gyrate on stage after Mommy and Daddy thought she was asleep.

Now she’ll be forced to live like a peon atop the Bloomberg Tower where her parents own a measly apartment. She’ll have to sit at lunch with all the other poor kids growing up in New York City landmarks, like that tramp Eloise.

Good luck to you, Blue Ivy.

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