Jenny McCarthy hosts a new VH1 late-night talk show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, but the 40-year-old star and mom found time to chat with PEOPLE.

Here’s one last thing:

Last time I laughed
My son [Evan] does this funny thing with me. He rubs my nose with his and he says, “Evan loves you so much!” To have your little baby boy – who is now 10 – come to your face and do that, it is the best serotonin booster ever.

Last time I I blushed
I accidentally farted on an airplane sitting next to a stranger. It was embarrassing because he recognized me, and it was a loud and deadly one. I immediately did a little scream and turned on the air vent to get rid of the smell. I then put a blanket over my head. It was horrible!

Last celebrity crush
Bradley Cooper. He’s such a hunky, delicious stud. He’s talented, and there’s no cockiness to him. I hear he’s single, and I’m available to hang out anytime!