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How do you end the greatest show on television?

It’s a question that Vince Gilligan and his writing team have surely spent many sleepless nights pondering. By the creator’s own comments, we know this isn’t a case of “I knew how it would end back when we started.” Rather, he’s let the natural flow of the writing and the acting guide the series along a fluid path, ever-evolving along with the arc of Walter White. It’s what keeps the show so fresh and interesting.

When that fatal bullet was fired into Hank’s head last week, it felt as horrifyingly spontaneous as though Gilligan had thought it up the second before the shot. But we knew it needed to happen. In order for Walt to wind up alone, there had to be a trigger. Indeed the trigger of a gun tore his family away.

Now, with months of solitude behind him and a true purpose reinvigorated within Walt, the stage is set for the end game, and the question remains: what will be the ultimate fate of Walter White?

Walter White’s end has to be final and conclusive, but whether that means he’ll die remains to be seen. However, a death certainly seems the most likely outcome, but Gilligan tends to surprise us. And if Walt does die, there are several likely candidates for the trigger man (or woman).

To whet your appetite for the final episode, here are my theories for the 5 most likely ways Walter White’s story will come to an end. They’re mostly out of order, but number 5 is my highest bet…

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