Miley Cyrus Stops To Say Hello To The Paparazzi

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA – SORRY! I just “can’t stop” laughing about Miley Cyrus‘ new album title, because – HAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

It might not be a great album title, but it is a sausage. So there’s that.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what Miley thinks; she is the artist, and I am but a lowly blogger. Judging from this picture, Miley approves of her title choice. She has spoken, and that is the end of that.

And now, without further – AHAHAHAHAHASORRY! – delay, today’s winning captions:

“Who has two thumbs and is actually wearing panties today? Yup this girl.” – Jamie

“Cool story bro” – Erica

“Anyone having an identity crisis. Put your thumb up if you are.. Yep this girl is…” – Kristi

“Can someone PLEASE feed her a sandwich!? PLEASE?!” – Erinn

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