Star news has learned that KENDALL JENNER got a massive skull tattoo on her back.

Check it out:

kendall jenner sharpie tattoo

Earlier this week, one of the two younger half-sisters of the famous Kardashian sisters, Kendall Jenner, shared a photo of her stunning new body ink-a skull head with a huge Native American headdress.

But don’t fret, it won’t ruin the 16-year-old beauty’s flourishing modeling career as it is completely temporary. In fact, it’s made of a sharpie marker.


A grateful Kendall tweeted to makeup artist Nat Wood on Monday:

“Thank you @natwood_xo for the amazing sharpie tat!”

It must’ve taken long to finish. We hope she’s alright with not having bubble baths for a few days!

Photo Via Kendall Jenner‘s Instagram