In recent star news, KATY PERRY suffered a wardrobe malfunction that caused her to flash her butt and nearly lose her top after enjoying a crazy water slide ride at a water park in California!

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Before meeting up with new boyfriend John Mayer on Saturday night to attend a party in Los Feliz, Katy Perry enjoyed a day of fun in the sun at the Raging Waters water park in California with some friends… where she unfortunately had a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

The Wide Awake” singer, who was wearing a tiny black and white floral bikini, nearly slid out of what little clothes she had on after plunging down one of the water slides at Raging Waters. Her butt-which was very nice, by the way-was fully exposed as she emerged from the water due to the fact that her bikini bottom had slid all the way down to the tops of her thighs.

Katy‘s boobs would have been exposed as well since her top also slid out of place after her wild water slide ride, but the singer wisely faced the wall beside the pool so as to hide her girls from view while she put her bikini to rights.

Proving that she wasn’t at all upset about her little peekaboo moment, Katy decided to tweet about the incident, joking that the water park should give her a few freebies for showing off her butt:

“Let’s be fair, I really think I deserve a season pass for that ass. Oh, and some flip flops.”

For photos of Katy‘s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, click HERE.

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