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Thanks for welcoming Christina Applegate for a four-part blog.

The actress, who stars as Reagan on NBC’s hit comedy Up All Night, is also mom to daughter Sadie Grace, 22 months, with fianc Martyn LeNoble.

Applegate, 40, is the creative partner for, a monthly outfit club for stylish girls sizes 2-8.

She can also be found @1capplegate on Twitter.

In her third blog post for PEOPLE, Applegate is excited to share some of her favorite things for Sadie — and what makes them so special.

One of the best parts about having a child is watching them develop their own very special personality. I love watching Sadie continue to grow and play — it seems as though every single day she is discovering something new!

There are certain moments where Sadie’s personality really shines through. I am completely entertained — enthralled even — watching her play or interact with some of her favorite items. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

Where She Plays

Sadie can play in her outside playhouse for hours on end, and I could watch her play for just as long. It really is beautiful to see her engaging in such imaginative play. We keep a set of play teapots and teacups and she loves sharing her fake tea. She also loves to make soup — except her pronunciation isn’t so great, and she seems to prefer calling it “poop”! She also loves to clean, and use her broom — and this is without any encouragement from me! A mother’s dream, right?

What She Wears

Fostering expression of her unique personality is something I try to do on every level and it’s so fun to see her express herself through her what she wears! One of her recent favorites is a pair of FabKids jeggings that look like jeans but are made with super soft stretchy fabric (so comfortable that she’s more than happy to keep them on all day!). She pairs these with any and all of her favorite tops — especially her rocker tee — and sometimes a hula skirt too! I love to see her “rocking” her own style.

What She Reads

Speaking of doing things all by herself, one of Sadie’s favorite books is called Timmy and is about a little boy who does everything for himself. Sadie seems to get really inspired by this book, which is both good and bad. Good in the sense that it’s encouraging her to learn how to do things by herself, and bad in the sense that it’s encouraging her to do things all by herself! For instance, now she wants to brush her teeth on her own — which can be a kind of messy experience with less than satisfactory results!

It is so wonderful to see what Sadie discovers each day — and I can’t wait to see what she discovers next!

Christina Applegate's Blog

Courtesy Christina Applegate

– Christina Applegate