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Hollywood will get a chance to honor the late Cory Monteith at the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards.

In an interview with Deadline Hollywood, the show’s executive producer, Ken Ehrlich, said there are plans for “something that reflects an homage” to Monteith, 31, who was found dead on July 13 from a toxic mixture of heroin and alcohol . But “what the extent of that is, or how we’re going to approach it,” he added, “well, it’s too early to tell.”

Ehrlich has felt pressure to pay special tribute to the Glee star separate from the traditional Emmy’s “In Memoriam” segment, a moving video salute to those TV notables lost over the past year. But with just weeks until the Sept. 22 telecast, the producer’s planning is under a time crunch.

“If Cory had passed away in March, we’d have had four months to look at this with a little more perspective,” he explained. “The reason we’re getting all of this discussion now is because he passed away two weeks ago. But we are going to deal with it.”

The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, to be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, come just ahead of Glee returning. After being delayed by creator Ryan Murphy in wake of Monteith’s passing, the show’s fifth season will premiere on Sept. 26, with the third episode paying tribute to their fallen cast member.

According to the latest Hollywood news regarding CORY MONTEITH‘s shocking death (due to a lethal mix of alcohol and heroin), the police have officially concluded their investigation and have ruled the actor’s passing as an “accidental overdose.”

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Three days after Cory Monteith‘s shocking death on the 21st floor of the Fairmount Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, results of his autopsy have been released and police investigation has officially been closed.

Just a few hours earlier, the British Columbia Coroner Service revealed that the “Glee” star, who just completed his rehab stint in April for drug addiction, suffered from “a mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol.” It has then left law enforcement officers to conclude that his cause of death was an “accidental overdose.”

The Vancouver police told reporters in a press conference on Tuesday afternoon:

“The results released by the coroners service support the findings of our investigators and their beliefs upon initial examination that there was no foul play and that this was an overdose and a tragic accident.”

One of the cops, Brian Montague, continued:

“It was pretty clear that there was no struggle, no evidence of foul play, and that there was evidence in the room that was consistent with drug use.”

Montague said they believe “when he took the heroin he was alone” and that Cory, who went back to his room at 2:15 a.m. after hanging out with friends, had been lifeless for hours before he was found.

What they found in the actor’s room remains undisclosed to the media, but it looks like it’s not much of an issue right now.

Although they’ve already conducted an interview-with two women and one man that Cory hung out with at bars before his death-they won’t be looking for the drug source “unless new information comes to light.”

The cop explained:

“There’s no law in Canada where we can request charges against someone who’s provided drugs to an individual. There’s an inherent risk when you’re using illicit drugs and there’s nothing in this situation that we can see that would cause us to pursue the investigation further.”

There you have it.

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Brave soul Lea Michele was spotted in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday as the Glee star met up with some friends for actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler‘s baby shower at the Thompson Beverly Hills hotel.

Michele, 26, looked pretty in a white lace dress, nude pumps and a pair of shades as she made her way from her vehicle to Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room inside the hotel, where the soiree was thrown.

The sighting comes just one day after the actress reported for work on the FOX series – some three weeks after the tragic death of boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith.

“First day of glee today..And at my first wardrobe fitting for Rachel Berry for Season Five! I’ve missed her so much,” Michele wrote.

Earlier in the week, the grieving star posted a message of thanks to her 3.6 million Twitter followers, adding that “Cory will forever be in my heart.”

Season 5 of Glee will premiere on FOX on Sept. 26. The season’s third episode will address drug addiction and the “circumstances surrounding Cory’s death,” the network’s entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed on Thursday.

Show co-creator Ryan Murphy and the Glee family will also shoot PSAs that will run throughout the tribute episode.

Monteith, who played Finn Hudson on the beloved series, was found dead at his Vancouver hotel on July 13. The 31-year-old died of a toxic mixture involving heroin and alcohol, the British Columbia Coroner’s Office confirmed three days later.

Cory Monteith arrived in our homes in 2009 in a happy burst of music, color and youth called Glee.

The news of his death in a Vancouver hotel room comes with the shock of someone dying at only age 31 (he seemed more like 22) – and also with the realization that he takes with him that music, color and youth.

Monteith was Finn Hudson, tall, handsome in a clean, square way. He looked like an old-fashioned teenage dreamboat dropped down in a school so up-to-the-minute in its heterogeneous mix he might have seemed out of place – like Ronald Reagan turning up in his brown suit to audition for the annual musical (Rent, say).

PHOTOS: Cory Monteith’s Hollywood Life

But Monteith had an open-faced quality that revealed, or betrayed, whatever emotion he was feeling (or singing) at the moment. He had an earnestness, an awkwardness, a sincerity that gave him a certain rawness – and an enduring sweetness.

The other performers on Glee tend to have the shiny, expert confidence that we want (and need) of a show that expects its characters to burst into song. Monteith never had quite that same edge: His definition was softer. He moved through the corridors of McKinley High at a slightly different lope, and that all lingers in the mind.

At least that’s how Monteith strikes me now – perhaps I’d already begun to adjust my ideas about him after he entered rehab earlier this year for substance abuse. These shadows filter into your perceptions, especially your perceptions of an actor still so early in his career – and associated with a show as bright as Glee.

Miss him already.

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Cory Monteith’s 11 Best Glee Performances

Two days before he was found dead, Cory Monteith enjoyed “a quiet night with a lot of laughing” with one of his first mentors, Maureen Webb.

“He looked so good, so healthy,” Webb, the co-founder of Project Limelight Society, a Vancouver charity close to the actor’s heart, tells PEOPLE. “I hadn’t seen him look that good in a long time.”

Joined by Monteith’s manager Elena Kirschner, the trio dined at East of Main, a restaurant that supports the organization. “We ate a lot of food,” recalls Webb, noting no one drank alcohol. “We drank the rhubarb lemonade.”

Monteith initiated the dinner, telling Webb he wanted to get more involved the non-profit arts program for children that he had supported since its 2011 launch.

“I told him, ‘I remember everything we talked about when we first talked about this project. Now it’s happening.’ His face just lit up. He was in great spirits.”

Two days later, on Saturday, the 31-year-old Glee star’s body was discovered in his hotel room. No cause of death has been determined but police have ruled out foul play.

For more information or to make donation in Monteith’s memory go to Project Limelight Society.

PHOTOS: Cory & Lea: Their Love Story
RELATED: Lea Michele: This Is a ‘Devastating Time’
RELATED: A shocked Hollywood reacts to Cory Monteith’s death
EARLIER: Cory Monteith, 31, Found Dead in Hotel Room
FLASHBACK: Watch His Glee Audition Tape

Cory Monteith’s 11 Best Glee Performances

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