Get to know the charming, talented, and super cool David Hudson.

I got the chance to hang out with the 25-year-old rocker – whose debut album, The Revolution, comes out August 27th – to get the deets on his new music, but I managed to learn some pretty fun facts about him along the way. (Sneak preview: he does parkour and loves a good milkshake.)

Another fun fact? David’s big sister happens to be a little-known act named Katy Perry, and he revealed the sweet advice she gave him, plus, what it was like growing up in a household that barred mainstream music.

Oh – an impromptu A cappella version of Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” went down, too. Did I mention this guy is super cool?

David describes his music as essentially rock ‘n roll, but explains that his sound is a “blend” with influences from “all around the board.” That comes as no surprise, considering he cited Frank Sinatra, The Lumineers and Justin Timberlake among his musical inspirations.

Learn more about David in the in our video interview, above. Want a musical treat? Watch Hudson perform, below!

And check out more from Hudson right here on Soundcloud.