Grey's Anatomy

A few seasons ago, Meredith Grey proclaimed, “Change; We don’t like it, we fear it but we can’t stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind.” During this week’s episode, appropriately titled “Bad Blood,” we witnessed the doctors of Seattle Grace struggle to deal with an unwelcome change in their once comfortable, familiar workplace.

Several new protocols have come into effect upon Dr. Cahill’s arrival, including cameras throughout the hospital, medical supply restrictions and uniform operating procedures; none of which impress Seattle Grace’s staff. But have no fear, Derek and April have a plan to save the hospital – as well as their beloved ER. Well, at least that’s what they think.

The two plan to pitch to doctors in various departments in order to save the ER. Before they even get to start, Derek gets called into surgery, leaving April alone to initiate the talks. Bad idea. April gets shut down by practically every doctor she talks to. Derek scolds her for talking more about the numbers rather than the importance of it all. He chats up a fellow doctor and shows her how it’s done (easy for you to do, McDreamy). But it turns out there’s one person Derek can’t persuade – Dr. Jeff Russell, who also turned April down earlier. In exchange for his support, Dr. Russell wants Derek’s parking spot, located right next to his own. Derek pulls the “I-clipped-your-sister’s-aneurysm” card, which gets passed right over. Guess that means it’s time to get a new spot, Derek.

Derek and April finally get the support they need and bring their results to Owen and Dr. Cahill, who have just completed a extensive surgery on an emergent patient. Dr. Cahill insists the two misunderstood what she said because the ER can’t (and won’t) be revived. Instead of getting the answer they hoped for, Owen, Derek and April are stunned to learn that Dr. Cahill is really just preparing the hospital for a suitable buyer, leaving the fate of Seattle Grace up in the air. How’s that for change?

Meanwhile, Owen and Dr. Cahill spent most of the episode in the OR, ironically, operating on an ER patient as opposed to number crunching. Jackson comes in and begins to bash Dr. Cahill but quickly regrets it after he realizes she’s right across from him. She lets it slip right off her back, explaining to Owen that “I’ll turn the hospital around, just like the 12 before this.” Owen learns that Dr. Cahill never received a thank you for any of the work she’s done in the past, so he takes the opportunity to inform the patient’s family after surgery that she’s the person to thank.

Cristina and her intern, Leah, treat a patient who desperately needs a blood transfusion. The problem? Their patient is a Jehovah’s Witness. Due to his beliefs, he’s unable to accept a blood transfusion. Instead, Cristina and Leah complete a bloodless aortic transsection, followed by an endovascular repair. After surgery, they inform the family that without a blood transfusion their patient’s chance of survival is very slim, but the family refuses to go against their beliefs. Cristina assures Leah that they have to respect the family’s wishes, which she can’t accept. Leah sneaks into the patient’s room and tries to switch out the bag with blood, but she’s caught by the camera and thrown off of Cristina’s service. Their patient eventually passes away.

Arizona, Alex and Callie are faced with a difficult teenage patient who went through two hip surgeries and refuses to get out of bed. When Alex and Callie’s methods fail, Arizona believes she’s the only one who will get through to her. After showing the patient her prostethic leg, Arizona is appalled when the girl gives her attitude. Arizona yanks the girl out of bed, forcing her to take her first steps.

Bailey, Richard and Meredith all participate in a skills lab. Bailey unleashes her hilarious competitive side on the two but stops when she sees Meredith is visibly preoccupied with something else. She follows Meredith outside, who’s convinced something is wrong with the baby. Bailey reassures Meredith the baby is just kicking. It’s a sigh of relief for the MerDer fans, who later get to see Derek feel Meredith’s stomach as the baby kicks again. Aww!

Richard insists to the instructor that he’d like to move forward with his own personal method, dubbed the “Webber Method,” for hernia repairs. The instructor denies his request, stating the hospital is changing the protocol to make the hospital more efficient; therefore quick, uniform hernia repairs are necessary. The instructor eventually gets so fed up with Richard’s nagging that he blurts “The patient’s don’t matter!” in front of the whole class. Awkward! He tries to backtrack, but it’s too little, too late. The damage has been done.

Who said change was a good thing?

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