Since first being cancelled back in 2001, Family Guy has gone on to become one of the most popular animations in television history.

With a variety of comic books, video games and even a mock ‘film trilogy’ spawning from the Seth MacFarlane creation, the show’s rocky times now appear to have been put firmly to one side.

Nominated for thirteen Emmy Awards, with four wins, Family Guy is now into a remarkable 12th season, with its unique brand of risqu humour and cut-away gags winning over a legion of fans.

MacFarlane has also entertained his viewers by throwing in a variety of references, homages and parodies to some of cinema’s most famous films, with the Star Wars-centric ‘Blue Harvest’ being one of the best examples.

A variety of other films have also been given the Family Guy treatment and subjected to MacFarlane’s razor-sharp wit down the years, and here we bring to you the adult animation’s 20 Best Movie Homages & Parodies.

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