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Cock clutch! Cock clutch! Cock clutch!

Vivienne Westwood saw fit to gift Rihanna a penis-emblazoned clutch recently, so naturally the pop star wanted to make the most of it.

And, boy, did she ever!

While she may have looked bored during Miley Cyrus‘s now-legendary VMAs performance, it seems RiRi was more inspired than she let on.

Clad in a flag-print tunic and drop crotch pants by Kokon to Zai, RiRi licked like Miley and used her cock clutch as a faux dong as she ran after her oblivious security guy!

She wrote on Instagram:

“My security getting dicked down in public by my #cockclutch”


When the bodyguard caught on to the shenanigans he just laughed right along with his boss, probably ’cause he didn’t wanna get fired!

What a hard day at work for that guy.

[Image via WENN.]

If you’re in Milan this weekend, you may want to cancel your shopping plans. Or just hit up the Gucci boutique instead of Dolce & Gabbana!

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have closed their boutiques in Milan from July 19 to July 21 because they’re mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore!

The designers have shuttered their nine (!) individual stores in the city in order to express their “indignation” at the Councillor for Commerce Franco D’Alfonso‘s negative remarks regarding the pair’s recent tax problems.

D’Alfonso reportedly said that the designers should not be allowed to show their 2014 collections in Milan since they were found guilty of tax evasion last month because, “We don’t need to be represented by tax evaders.”


And even though D’Alfonso apologized for his comments, saying that they were “not given in an interview, but extrapolated from an informal conversation,” Dolce and Gabbana are still offended and will keep their stores closed all weekend long.

But, yay, three-day weekend for all the employees!

Read the designers’ full statement…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

We are no longer willing to suffer the charges unjust by the Guardia di Finanza and Italian Revenue Agency, the attacks of the prosecutors and the media pillory to which we have been subjected to for years. This is not only for ourselves, but also for all those who work with us.

Finally, outraged at how we were treated by the City of Milan, we decided to close the shops of the city (nine financial centers) for the next three days starting today.We were born in Milan and to this city we have always been grateful. We must say, however, that in the last thirty years’ in this city we also have given so much back: prestige and international visibility, jobs and economic development.

In our Milan shops alone we employe more than 250 people, who in the coming days will be paid regularly, although the activity will be closed. Despite our passion and the sense of responsibility which will lead us to continue to work with dedication and willingness, we declare that we bare tired of the constant defamation and insults that are taking away serenity from our work and are turning us away from our true work as designers.

We are fortunate to work with people of true and rare excellence, both from the techincal and professional point of view, and in terms of human values, who firmly believe in us and for which all of this is discouraging. The closure of our boutoques in Milan is a sign of our disdain.

Sure, they’ll lose some money, but really, it’s the PRINCIPLE of the matter!


[Image via Getty Images.]

This suits Lily Collins perfectly! LOLz!

The Mortal Instruments starlet picked a stunning tuxedo-style jumpsuit to wear to the Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer event on Tuesday night.

The pretty, eyelet Emilio Pucci one-piece fit her flawlessly, and we adore the beaded lapels! Plus, it does a fab job of showing off her stems!!

Lily styled her chic ensem with starburst studs, jeweled Aperlai sandals, and her enviable brows.

Plz share your ways!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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