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If you have even the slightest knowledge of the film industry, it’s increasingly apparent that a plethora of upcoming films are remakes of classics. The reasoning is a combination of multiple things too, but mostly stems from our economy which is not improving despite what the media says. We live in age where seeing just one movie at a theater can feel like some luxurious experience after factoring in how damn high prices have skyrocketed. And with your limited funds comes picking and choosing; sequels or remakes of classics you love, or something that you have never heard of that while it may be good, you can’t justify dropping $12 a ticket on.

This has unfortunately resulted in an ongoing death rattle for creativity in mainstream Hollywood. No movie, no matter how high on a pedestal it sits is untouchable from the grubby dollar sighted clutches of a modern facelift. Sometimes they’re admittedly awesome (David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) while most are disappointing garbage (cough Total Recall).

They rake in the cash though and aren’t going away, especially considering how many amazing movies there are left currently untouched. This list will detail 10 movies that you just know Hollywood will piss all over, and my highly educated, sometimes humorous predictions on how they’ll be desecrated. Remember, these are about 100 more films out there that should just be left alone too, so this list obviously doesn’t touch upon everything.

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Pulp Fiction

In the age of information as commodity, the internet is powered by the yearning of fans for any morsel of new information from their favourite films or video games, or celebrities, and the fourth wall that preserves the sanctity of fame and art is becoming thinner with every such release.

While directors like Bryan Singer clog up Twitter with production stills hinting at character inclusions and tiny plot details without anything really substantial behind them, fans are still trawling for new things to share from classic films, delving into archives for lost scenes, cuts and re-edits and anything they can show as a sign of their dedicated fandom.

The behind-the-scenes shot has become increasingly important in that context, and though we can gain some valuable insight from them when they reflect production, or hint at lost moments, there’s also a million candid behind-the-scenes shots that add very little to the film. On the contrary, these candids can rob iconic scenes of impact by letting fans see new, damaging perspectives, such as a villain letting the mask slip, or the horror monster being all too human.

And it is those shots that are collected in this article – they are candid shots from the sets of famous movies that completely compromise the tone of classic scenes…

Honourable Mention

Star Wars Chewy Perc

And why’s it only an honourable mention? Well, frankly, because the shot isn’t ruining anything. It gives a more human side to the cast, especially Chewy, and let’s be honest, nobody can be particularly shocked that the gigantic, testosterone dripping warrior hairball has certain needs.

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night train murders

It entails a certain taste to enjoy many Euro horror films. A lot of them are straight horror films but even more than that feature gallons of sleaze upon sleaze – a lot of sexualised violence against women which makes them quite lurid and seedy.

But most hardcore Euro horror fans appreciate the kinkiness of the genre as that is what gives it its distinctive flavour. Where would we be without Jess Franco’s pubic hair zoom shots? Jean Rollin’s sapphic vampires? Lucio Fulci’s crotch stabbings? A hell of a lot more bored we would be.

My taste in Euro horror may be a lot more tawdry than your own taste in Euro horror. You may watch more high brow films than me, but that is okay, I would love to hear from you at the comment section!

20. Vampyres (1974)


A British lesbian vampire film directed by the Spaniard – Jose Larraz who brings his own continental touch to the proceedings.

The plot is as flimsy as the leading ladies’ clothes. Basically two lesbian vampires roam the British countryside, and lure people into their castle for kinky sex and to drink their blood. That’s about it.

The film makes the most of its rural English countryside setting – Larraz shows it off to its maximum glory. The two female leads are very beautiful and perform in a very erotic and compelling manner. The film doesn’t shy away from showing blood vampirism even though it was made in England and film makers had stricter film censorship rules to adhere to than their continental brethren. I don’t particularly think that it is a film that will change your life in anyway, but there is plenty of nudity from gorgeous women and a lot of blood sucking antics to keep you amused.

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silva vs weidman

MMA is widely acknowledged as one of the least predictable of any sport. The phrase ‘anything can happen in the Octagon’ has become idiomatic in the UFC community as fans have all too often been left scratching their heads after one of the sport’s supposed greats has been beaten by someone everybody had cast off as a hack. Regardless of how dominant a champion is, put any adult male against them wearing flimsy 4-ounce gloves and they’ll still have a [very small] chance of connecting with a lucky shot: now substitute this every-man figure for an actual fighter who, despite being dismissed as the underdog, has still managed to ascend the heights of the sport’s premier promotion, the UFC.

Everyone is mortal and anybody is capable of having an off-night. This unpredictability is part of the reason for the UFC’s trailblazing expansion over the last 5 or so years to: people simply love a David vs Goliath story.

The following are the 10 biggest head-scratching upsets in UFC history…

10. Fabricio Werdum vs Junior ‘Cigano’ dos Santos, UFC 90

Result: dos Santos by KO (punches) in the 1st round.

Werdum had himself been involved in an astounding MMA upset as he hammered his name into the sport’s history books by being the first man to defeat Fedor Emelianenko. He found himself on the other end of an upset at UFC 90. Very few predicted he would fall to UFC newcomer Junior dos Santos and even dared to suggest that Cigano would win with a devastating first round knock out.

Amusingly, during the fleeting 81 seconds of the fight, commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Golberg didn’t stop singing the praises of Werdum, discussing how since his last fight he had added an advanced set of stand up techniques to his already masterful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills.

Just as Joe Rogan was elaborating on Werdum’s size advantage dos Santos cut him off by delivering a massive right hand uppercut to Werdum before landing a barrage of unnecessary ground strikes to the defeated Werdum. No one would ever again underestimate dos Santos’ boxing.

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R&B megastar and hit-maker R Kelly has had an enviable music career spanning over two decades and has produced iconic anthems for some of the best in the business. Since churning out smooth, sexy 90s grooves (‘Bump n’ Grind’) and upbeat club classics (‘She’s Got That Vibe’, ‘Ignition Remix’), Kells has also collaborated with hip-hop heavyweights including Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and T.I throughout his career. His most recent musical collaboration involves providing guest vocals on Lady Gaga’s super-catchy new single ‘Do What U Want’.

However, his ever-growing success has not been without numerous controversies, from his several court appearances to his extremely outlandish, X-rated song lyrics. He is well known for initiating sex in the most bizarre and ridiculous ways imaginable through the medium of song, where he documents his erotic encounters, fascinates over the female anatomy and displays his sexual prowess. The reactions most likely to be generated from listening to these provocative tracks tend to consist of bewilderment, cringe, confusion, slight state of shock and hysterical laughter, as well as a lowered sex drive, all rolled up into a ball. For every soundtrack to beautiful lovemaking, there is bonkers imagery and metaphors thrown in for good measure.

Kells has recently defended his raunchy lyrical content by claiming that he is just saying what ‘probably a whole lot of other guys want to say but don’t know how to sing it and say it in the way I say it.’ Errr…really? If a lot of the guys said half of the things that R Kelly said either to or about a woman, then they would be most likely to be branded a creep and get a slap.

It is often extremely hard to believe that this is the same musical mastermind behind such inspiring, poignant R&B anthems as such as the Grammy-Award winning ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, ‘The World’s Greatest’ and ‘I Wish’, as well as penning euphoric power ballads for the elite forces of music, including the late, great Michael Jackson (‘You Are Not Alone’) and Whitney Houston (‘I Look to You’).

But, the undisputed king of highly sexualised, graphic lyrics and misogynistic music videos shows absolutely no signs of being dethroned whatsoever. With the release of his sexually graphic twelfth studio album, Black Panties, we have rounded up R Kelly’s craziest song lyrics of all time to celebrate. So outrageous that they would be more likely to make a woman keep those Black Panties on…

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is rapidly developing and expanding. Phase one culminated in the formation of the Avengers – the movie of which introduced aliens to the MCU’s continuity and, following the events in the recent Thor: The Dark World movie, it has also delved deeper in to the nine realms to let us know for sure that there are many other worlds and beings out there to be explored.

The possibilities from here on in are both exciting and near unlimited, with years and years of Marvel history to explore. Guardians of the Galaxy will take the viewing audiences truly in to the cosmos for the first time, with (we can assume) the whole film taking place in space and the introduction of a number of new alien characters and races.

We can also safely assume that Thanos will be appearing more, following on from his brief cameo during the credits of The Avengers, and that more and more alien characters will be appear as new films get developed over the next few years.

But with a comic book villain roster that has grown since Marvel’s inception in 1939, imagining which alien characters may step up to the evil plate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future is a mouth-watering prospect for comic and movie fans alike.

With that in mind, here are eight extraterrestrial villains it would be a pleasant surprise to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (but we probably ever won’t)…

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Ripper Street

When Ripper Street first aired in December last year it was like nothing else on television. A Victorian police procedural set in a Whitechapel reeling following the Jack the Ripper murders, where the culprit went unpunished. Using the aftermath of the Ripper murders was the show’s masterstroke – so many films, dramas and books both fiction and non-fiction focused on the race to find Britain’s best-known (and yet unknown) serial killer. No one, to my knowledge, has thought to explore the social unrest he would leave behind.

Its tone was also a rare synthesis of period costume drama and crime thriller. Instead of romanticising the past it looked forward to the future, introducing modern technologies by presenting them as new and exciting. It was also socially progressive in some areas – particularly in the sympathetic portrayal of nineteenth century gay culture and the plight of Russian Jewish refugees – but has also been criticised for its depiction and treatment of women in general and prostitutes in particular. The cerebral detective Edmund Reid, one-time Pinkerton and battlefield surgeon Captain Homer Jackson and fist-fighting Sergeant Drake proved to be an effective, if unorthodox crime fighting team and, along with Reid’s wife Emily, Jackson’s partner Long Susan and Drake’s love interest Rose, a compelling ensemble.

However with the second season airing just ten months after the first it’s possible that the writers could have benefited from more time to decide in what direction they wanted to take the series. With that schedule, compounded by the fact that a lot of changes happened off-screen between seasons, it was perhaps inevitable that things were going to be missed out. So with that in mind, here are five of the possible plot lines we didn’t get to see but wish we did.

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Having bad day? If Britney can survive 2007, you can survive today!

Having bad day? If Britney can survive 2007, you can survive today!

Unless you are Peter Pan it is inevitable that we all have to grow up and this can be a tough time. The transition from child to adolescent to adult is a difficult journey, there are many tears, tantrums and acne breakouts along the way.

They say you become older and wiser and it is a dead cert that everyone makes mistakes along the way. As a child star you are exposed to the glamorous world of the celebrity and all the benefits associated with it. However, on the flip side you are forced to grow up in the glare of the public spotlight and it is a lot of pressure from a very young age.

We take a look at the child stars who have struggled to adjust to the real world post-child-stardom…

5. Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera dirty

Part of the infamous Mickey Mouse Club, Xtina has grown up in the spotlight and with a career spanning over two decades, she certainly has staying power. However, it hasn’t been all plain sailing for Miss Aguilera; cue chaps, Moulin Rouge, marriage, divorce and rumoured lesbian flings.

Her 2002 album, Stripped, showcased a raunchy Christina and she regularly dressed in skimpy clothes and behaved in a highly sexualised manner. In true former child star fashion, this was her way of showing the world that the former sweet and innocent Disney starlet was long gone!

There have been weight gains and extreme weight loss, her hair has been almost every colour in the rainbow and she has regularly featured in the worst dressed pages of celebrity magazines. Recently she seems to have cleaned up her act but her turbulent life suggests that it won’t be long before she returns to her Dirrrty ways!

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In my duty to keep you up to date on the sleaziest productions in the film industry – the whole world over – I have produced another list for the sleaze mongers among you to enjoy. I love sleaze mongering and if I can make just one sleaze monger happy, my work is worth it.

For this list, I thought I would bring you some of the finest depraved Japanese films to add some zest to the sleaziness. The Japanese are masters of the depraved film and they embrace depravity with open arms – it is just how things are. There are a lot of much stronger Japanese titles out there than the ones I have chosen – but I thought that reviewing All Women Are Whores would provoke outrage.

Nevertheless, if want me to do a list on the really sick Japanese stuff, let me know and I will run it past the editors.

Dotted among the Japanese filth are some old school depraved favourites. I hope you enjoy my list and comment below…

15. Entrails Of A Virgin (1986)


Entrails of a Virgin is a good example of the Japanese Pinku (pink) film genre – a broad term that covers a lot of depraved Japanese films whether they be soft core porn or gangster film.

A bunch of photographers and models go into a forest for a BDSM, soft core photo shoot. They get down and dirty in the foggy trees and then decide to enter a mysterious house. Much more sex ensues but a monster, covered in mud with a massive penis, appears on the scene and begins knocking the crew off.

A depraved little number from Japan, expect blurring of naughty bits and grotesque acts of violence. In fact the sex and violence in the film fill up its whole running time and make a compelling view. You want to look away as a woman has her intestines pulled out of her vagina after masturbating with a severed arm.. but you can’t! The mud covered monster is a bit of mystery – what are his origins and why exactly is he here? Nevertheless, he has an absolutely massive schlong which provides plenty of depraved molesting of women. The film is atmospheric and keen to showcase as many depraved sex acts as possible. Well worth your time if you watch J Horror. Well worth your time if you are a random pervert.

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Black Lips

Writing a 10 Best Garage Rock Albums list proves more difficult than you would think. The genre in itself melts in to so many sub-genres, that being, ‘Lo-fi’, ‘Psych-rock’, ‘Garage-surf’, ‘Surf-rock’ etc, so keeping this list at the core of what we can all agree is ‘Garage Rock’ has taken some serious thought. And when a genre has bands who pump out numerous albums a year, feeding this ever growing life force that it is, where do you even begin narrowing down the best of the best?

The last three years in Garage Rock have become all the more internal. We’ve seen collaborations, compilations, split EPs, guest vocals and guest instrumentals from the major contributors to this musical grunge bucket of the Tens. Ultimately though, it’s creating this mass youth-generation of raw, rock n’ roll players and I don’t see anyone complaining.

So, let’s see who we end up with, shall we?

10. Los Dos Hermanos – Bourbon, Blood And Seafoods (2013)

Los Dos Hermanos

Perhaps a little less known to the ‘mainstream’ side of Garage Rock are a band called Los Dos Hermanos. Their album Bourbon, Blood and Seafoods was released on French label Howlin’ Banana Records this year and made it to my top ten list without a second thought. This duo is based out of Bordeaux, France with Billy Dorados on guitar and Carol Tweedlady on percussions, constructing the album into an old school artefact with their love of French history in tunes dedicated to the days of yore like ‘Robespierre’ and ‘Louis XVI.’

These two supply the perfect arrangements of twangy and summery rock riffs, all the while keeping in tune with punky and fast beats. Highlights of the album include the fuzzy eruptions of volcanic ‘Loud,’ and wacky carnival of sins track ‘No 13 which screeches the echoey lyrics “I wanna be your Valentine” behind a clutter of distortion.

Naturally, Los Dos Hermanos must give credit to the West Coast rock scene of the US as gritty waves of electric sound crash over ‘Blue Night Summer,’ added by the haunted howl of Dorados on vocals. Most of all, this album is just purely catchy. Bourbon, Blood and Seafoods would be an essential for any follower of this genre and a band who I’m sure would stir up a storm at any one of their shows.

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