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That classic ’90 s Nickelodeon cartoon, Hey Arnold. The height of childhood innocence, a story of a boy and a group of his school friends, it delves into the world of playground bullies and name-calling, schoolgirl crushes, but usually nothing more serious than that. Or so it seemed at first viewing.

If you re-watch it as an adult now, however, you’ll be shocked to learn some of the hidden gems within the show.

At this point we give a shout out to none other than Hitler for the cameo in the show. No, we’re deadly serious:

Hey Hitler

As a kid, you probably watched the show and didn’t have a clue who this was portraying, at least not to the extent you do now. Throughout are some more innuendos, references and hidden images from a cartoon masterpiece of our childhood that might just make you look back differently upon your early years… or you know, you might just chuckle at them like I did.

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2013 has been a beautiful year in music. Although it seems nasty when you look at the music business side of things, we can all agree that the music world is getting a shot of adrenaline right now (much needed after the somewhat anemic 2012). Whether it’s Pharell Williams on the two hottest singles of the year – “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” – or it’s David Bowie returning out of NOWHERE, this year is something you won’t see in music again.

But, as the year goes by, albums are getting more love than they deserve, and other albums are being listened to in hushed terms. Here’s the five most overrated and underrated albums of 2013!


5. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories


Touched a nerve already? Lemme explain. Daft Punk’s return to the music scene was a whirlwind experience – the announcement, the Coachella video, the anticipation for the lead single, “Get Lucky” destroying charts worldwide, the cryptic Vine updates – it all came together as nearly the perfect promotion package for an album by the French duo. Random Access Memories came out to immediate acclaim from critics for it’s foward-thinking nostalgia and everyone went ape-s**t at the album’s 70 s disco/soft-rock vibe.

But, its overrated for it’s incredible lack of a second half of an album – after “Get Lucky,” things just kinda nearly bore and meander with nostalgic ambience more than actual music. Although some of the album’s tracks are dynamite (Touch, Give Life Back To Music, Instant Crush) the album sorely needs a lot less filler. Overall, the album is a good return, and, frankly, the album Daft Punk wanted to make. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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