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Since FIFA 09, where FIFA Ultimate Team was a downloadable expansion pack, EA Sports have really worked at this game mode and it is now one of the main features of the FIFA game series.

Ultimate Team gives you the chance to build your own team from scratch. Everyone thrives to climb the division as your team grows from bronze mediocrity to pace and strength of an all gold line up. With packs available there must be millions of coins wasted in the hope of getting a Messi or Ronaldo.

FUT is certainly addictive as gamers spend hours upon hours of their time building there team up so they can succeed against their fellow gamers.

With FIFA 14 set to hit our shelves in late September there is much anticipation around the game and plenty of that is down to the updates FUT. Here are 5 genius changes we cannot wait to explore.

5. Online Single Player Matches

Fut 14 New Features Trailer Fifa 14 Ultimate Team

Remember the days on FIFA 12 when you returned from a hard day and fancied a bit of low stakes Ultimate Team? Ahh, those were the days. Sadly this feature was emitted from FIFA 13.

Ok this might not appear to be ‘genius’, but I think it will be underestimated as an update to the newest addition of FIFA. It will be a good way of trying out new players that you aquire through the market or packs. Also the competitive nature of the League and Cup competitions on Ultimate teams are very stressful and challenging situations that you have to be mentally prepared for and the online single match mode will be a good warm up in preparation for a promotion/ relegation deciding match.

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