There are cult films and then there are cult films. Some for example would label Taxi Driver or Pulp Fiction as cult films. Not I, my friends, not I. Those of us who exist on the true edge of cinema have access to all sorts of films that mainstream cinema viewers (can you hear the contempt searing through in my writing?) could barely put their fragile little minds around.

Showing a mainstream fan a true cult film is like smacking them upside the head with a sledgehammer. They usually just don’t get it. Heck, I remember one time when I was at uni and I tried to introduce Don’t Look Now to some mainstream friends and the look of sheer confusion on their faces was classic. Imagine if I had shown them a Jorg Buttgereit film? Viewing our cult films with mainstreamers can wreck the viewing experience. My friends, never degrade your beautiful pearls by doing this. Save your delectable DVDs for those who will understand and share your delight.

It is in this spirit of joy and uniqueness, I wish to present 10 cult curios to fill us all with joy:

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